Monday, November 28, 2011

Immune Suppression Season

Fall has finally arrived and with it the annual Cold and Flu Season, more accurately known in the circles of holistic, natural medicine as Immune Suppression season.  1-3 ounces of sugar can suppress your white blood cell levels for up to 5 hours.  If you consume any form of processed sugar or simple carbohydrates several times per day (and it certainly isn't hard to do this time of year with the proliferation of holiday foods and parites!), you are walking around with a perpetually suppressed immune system and become more susceptible to any opportunistic infection that happens to be making the rounds, being passed among all the other folks who have suppressed immune systems.  The best defense is to stop consuming sugar and keep your immune system turned on. To read more about this, take a look at an article I wrote on Home Health Care for the inaugural issue of Discernment Times Magazine If you do come down with a stubborn cold or flu that doesn't respond to rest, fluids and Vitamin C, please come in for an appointment so we can jump-start your healing process.
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