Friday, November 11, 2011

A Hathor Update, November 3, 2010

Opening the Halls of Amenti

We wish to thank those of you who participated in the Grand Experiment: The Crystal Palace Within and Opening the Halls of Amenti. Through your joining of hearts and minds a powerful vortex of consciousness swept across the Earth and the Opening of the Halls of Amenti was a complete success.

The unfolding of wisdom, joined with knowledge, shall proceed in several stages, all of which will benefit humanity in future generations. 

Although the global meditation is complete, we encourage those of you who wish to further open your own Halls of Amenti—meaning your own Higher Mind— to continue with the meditation on your own, as you deem appropriate. 

This simple three-phase meditation will continue to reveal to you vast treasures within your nature, and we encourage you to use it—to enter the meditation on a regular basis—for it will energetically link you into the wisdom of Earth and her ascension. This is a very positive thing.

Again, we wish to thank all of you who participated. Earth and future generations have been blessed by your undertaking.

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