Monday, November 21, 2011

Empowering Women Builds Real Solutions to Poverty

Seva Foundation offers a variety of innovative programs and partnerships that are improving the health of women and girls and empowering them with new skills.  Inspired by the successes these programs are generating, we're embarking on a major expansion of this work by launching the Seva Fund for Women and Girls.
When you hear the stories that our field staff tell us about Seva's work, then you understand why providing services for women is so important.

For example, a 37-year old nun in Tibet named Tsering Chudren had become blind from cataract and had to have her 7-year old niece stay home to help her get around and do daily activities.  Last year, Tsering came to one of our eye camps, had surgery, and was thrilled to have her vision immediately restored.  She told our staff, "It's such a relief to see again, because now I can arrange for my niece to go to school and she can help to improve life in our village!"  That kind of ripple effect is typical of Seva's work.  When we help one woman's life improve, the benefits ripple out to others — and that's really the point of Seva's Fund for Women and Girls.


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