Thursday, November 3, 2011

Discover your Intuition: How To Keep Yourself On Course To Find Your Inner Gift

When you focus all your attention on the world you easily get disoriented or even worse, lost or misguided. The rudder you need at all times is the pulse of your inner world.

Perhaps the best example of an outer world distraction, one that is considered socially acceptable, is television and the "entertainment" provided by it. 

.... 99% of television is designed to make you think that complex situations are solved in 20-40 minutes, that dysfunctional relationships are normal, that being sarcastic and using non-stop sexual innuendoes is a normal and an acceptable form of communication.

And, what about violence and sex? Cartoons, sitcoms and movies are filled graphics incidents over and over.

Yet, none of that is truly an excuse to take you off course. The choice of what you want to direct your focus upon is always up to you. How you spend your energy is always up to you. Seriously, the outside world is a crutch whose tendency is to make you complacent. Complacent with what your physical senses bring to you.

Are you ready for a change? Are you ready to answer your inner yearning?

To receive an essential inner gift you must be hungry to leave the outside world behind. This doesn’t mean quit your job or your responsibilities either. It simply means that while you go about your daily affairs you are also tending your inner garden. This garden is filled with patience, honesty, compassion, and self respect. When you take the actions and think the thoughts that bring about those qualities then you are keeping your attention on the appropriate rudder.

Although this may sound easy, believe me, it will require your most sensitive attention. You see, in order to grow those characteristics you must become a Master with discernment. There is no handbook to dictate this skill, it’s not taught in a school system. Moreover, it’s the opposite of complacency so you are going against the trend of society. Building your skill of discernment requires the engagement of your heart and your mind and your spirit. Together, those three, are the sacred triad that creates the gyroscope in every individual.

Discernment isn’t a recipe that parents pass on to their kids. It’s much more comprehensive and integral at your cellular level. What one person does to discern a situation probably will not work for another person.  Every individual is a unique creation and therefore each gyroscope is designed according to their DNA blueprint. You can’t always be objective nor can you alway be subjective. You have to detect each situation you encounter with your whole being - the heart, mind, and spirit - that is the foundation which discernment rests upon.

The first step to receiving this all important inner gifts is discernment.  When you have confidence in your ability to discern a situation then, very naturally, you no longer need the agreement of another to suffice you. You have released yourself from the glue grip that oozes from complacency. Standing in your own majesty perception is a mighty step on the whole being path. And, let’s not take this the wrong way. This path is only made from living harmoniously with all living creatures. There is no greed, manipulation, or games of any sort. This path brings Light and Love to whomever encounters the scintillating pulse from this magnificent vibration of patience, honesty, compassion, and self respect.

Once you set-out to imbibe discernment you are modified forever.  As you become more accustomed to steering your rudder with the pulse of your inner world then you have set your journey on a new course. In so doing, you have consciously refined your awareness to include an expanded scope of perceiving. As your new skill of discernment becomes more fluent within you, it is recognized by a more familiar name: intuition. That is correct, the stepping stone to availing your intuition is honing your practice of discernment.

Truly, touching and living with your awakened intuition is uncharted territory. Few books have been written on it. As the ancient saying goes, “Those who know don’t say and those who don’t know talk about it.”

Characteristics of Discernment

-  not a routine judgement
-  no expectations or ready conclusions
-  the heart leads the mind and your spirit is enriched
-  a sense of freedom exists even when facing complex choices with numerous variables
-  outcome derived from examining the whole not isolating segments
-  wisdom influences more than facts and circumstances
-  resolution or outcome breeds harmony, Truth, and/or self respect

Steu Mann is a Reiki Master and private consultant. He has over 35 years of professional experience and several careers in business and education, including a Masters in Curriculum & Instruction. He has authored dozens of articles in supporting natural people to live a whole being lifestyle and how to expand one's skills using the internet and computers. His web sites include,, and

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