Sunday, November 13, 2011

Comment from Poof

Good morning. So says Poof!

I have said for years, when all this happens the citizens will be shocked, scarcely able to believe what they see and hear. You see what they let you see, but things are not as they appear. The truth is, you'll be quite happy when they finish and the announcements start. Just don't be seeking revenge, that's already being handled for the citizens. Hillary was spoken to directly by the dragons and she's on a short's Bill. The Bush' are toast and all of this will become public. Including the warrants that judge has when they clean out dc.

They are working on the release right now, the dragons put more money into Greece and Italy and that paperwork was added to the g20 fix and is being signed off. This broadcast test is opening English broad cast into China...much more cooperation going on across the globe than anyone realizes.
Since Tues. night they have been going for the release of everything, the 'closers' are on the job. Poof

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