Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Build and Grow Psychically

In Walt Disney's classic animation movie  of “Fantasia”  Mickey Mouse is a apprentice to a wizard and defies the wizard and makes a mess when the wizard leaves the room and Mickey thinks he can do magic by himself.

 I saw my first spirit  when I was about 16 years old  the window was open and the room was a slightly warm   I saw a female spirit with black hair   After a few  minutes   she  was gone and then  there was a  slight  wind chill. I read later that when a spirit is the room the room temperature changes.

There was a neighbor down the street named Gerry. We sat in my garage and played with the Ouija board. I asked the name of the spirit. It spelled the name Linda Lee. I asked my  elderly next door neighbor  if anyone name Linda Lee lived there he  said “yes” for about a year.  

I also had met Pat around that age he was a wise old mellow biker  and the school janitor who was into Hinduism. Through one of my conversations with him he told me because of my abusive upbringing  I had learned to love the  emotional whip since I had no idea what positive love was about. Pat's twin  son's Don and Bill who were 16  when I was 16 came to live with him. I ended up becoming friends with them and they shortly moved across the street. 

I have  had several other experiences that started me on my psychic/ spiritual journey.

Have you ever walked into a building or a party  and got a headache and didn't know why. It's because the energy of emotions is still stuck there. Everything has energy to it and the stronger the emotion attached to the people, place or things the stronger the energy.  Burning Sage helps clear the negativity. When you burn a sage stick the smoke cleans your  house, aura , stones and  crystals   I  clear my energy by taking  a  hot sea salt  bath every night and turn of the lights and I get into a right side of the brain  mode (right brain is where we feel our emotions)  Harmony  and Hormones go hand in hand.
Some people can  psychically FEEL they  are Clairsentient, whole other people can  psychically HEAR they are  Clairaudiant, and others  can  psychically SEE they  Clairvoyant.

Just because you are don't  SEE or Feel .  you may just HEAR that’s okay or visa versa for  any of your  other cognitive  abilities. It' called neurolinguistics and  we have one, two or  three dominating ways we learn from, SEEING, HEARING  or  FEELING.

Ask someone a questions if they look up they are “SEEING” the  answer if they look to the side they are  “HEARING” the answer and if they look  down they are “ FEELING” the answer

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