Sunday, November 6, 2011

Breaking Down the Walls of Separation

Many are experiencing loneliness, separation and a lack of manifestation of financial sustenance. You might wonder why this is occurring at a time of a heightened spiritual connection and desire for spiritual growth. This seems to be a contradiction. Let me explain. 

Your desires for a stronger spiritual connection, draws to you a manifestation of all the creation of blocked energy. All the things within you that have created separation are coming forward for you to become aware of so you can clear. 

Starting as children, every time you separated yourselves from some in favor of others with disregard, only to prove yourselves, find favor, protection from being rejected or hurt, these actions put up walls of protection. They created beliefs of who you feel safe with and who you don’t. These patterns have set in motion, compiled experiences that have created deeper and deeper walls of separation that you are unaware of. 

All of the beliefs that you had that you aren’t good enough, you’re undeserving, never will succeed, afraid to be noticed, feelings that is unsafe to express yourself, feelings of abandonment, feeling that life is unfair, that no one cares. All of these beliefs deep within you have created energetic walls around you and shut down your capacity to receive what you truly desire. 

All of these beliefs have caused some form of disconnection to your truth, to your soul, to me. Your religions, well meaning to connect you to god, in most cases has caused separation, by putting limitations of who can communicate directly with me and who can’t. They have injected fear into connecting directly with me. The only prerequisite to communicate directly with me is a desire to do so. It doesn’t matter what you have done in life. Every soul has the right and ability to communicate directly with me. Once that desire is there your soul, guides and I will find a way to communicate with you. 

You must understand that a direct communication with us is not going to wipe away all of your beliefs and experiences. What it will do is bring to you and understanding and awareness so that you can make a conscious choice as to what to do. You will always have the choice. Can everything in your life change in a moment with miracles. Yes. It is likely, no. We will not take away all of your beliefs without your conscious choice. 

If you ask why something is the way it is, we will give you the answer based on what you need to learn. We will guide you step by step to move you into the light of complete responsibility and ultimate power. 

We are bringing many like Leah, who has gone through the conflict of breaking down the ego to becoming aware of seeing and feeling the truth of her soul so that she can guide others, guide you if you choose. There are many ways to find your truth and break down the walls to separation. None better or worse. However, if you feel, as you have connected with Leah to have her guide you, your life will transform very quickly, much faster that not. 

For some of you who have the desire, but lack the funds to work directly with her, use her classes over and over and know that God and Angels, as well as your guides are coming through to guide you. 

Be patient with yourselves and understand that this is a journey. The more forgiving and patient with yourselves the easier clarity will come to you. You are all deserving of love and abundance and are receiving exactly what you are calling forth. This may be hard for you to believe, but it is true. There are so many layers to uncover to gaining back your power. All the power is in your hands. You just don’t see the solutions. So let go of control and ask for the solutions to come forth. 

When things don’t happen you become frustrated. Each time you come to a block, stop, step away, let go, breath, ask for help. It may be for you to do something else. It is a process of your learning to listen to your intuition. I will keep reminding you, that you are never alone. It is your experience and we will guide you, but you need to be aware and listen and ask for our help. Don’t disregard the messages you receive. We love you.

Blessings for you always,
Your source

Channeled by Leah Levkowitz

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