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Blue Thunder's Appeal - Heed this Call: Support Medicine Wheel Ceremony in Mexico City at Teotihuacan Pyramids, December 2011

This Message is about two Native American Medicine Wheel Ceremonies that will take place soon.  The first being on the Solstice, December 21st, 22nd and 23rd, 2011 in Mexico City, Mexico at the Teotihuacan Pyramids, known as the Sun and Moon Temples, it will be called the Grand Teotihuacan Medicine Wheel Ceremony, totaling healing forty-four temples of light on those sacred sites simultaneously, while conducting these medicine wheel ceremonies. The second this ceremony will be another gathering of the Eagle and Condor Nations Uniting the Nations within this Medicine Wheel Ceremony, that will be held on the Solstice on June 19th, 20th, and 21st, 2012.   

This ceremony will be four-thousand miles across the middle covering North, Central & South America; centered in San Jose, Costa Rica.  The Medicine Wheel Ceremony will re-weave the life force energy, healing and reconnecting the web of life, re-harmonizing Mother Natures Sacred Sites in the Americas.  Nine major sacred sites have been chosen to hold the energy needed in order to heal the America’s in this sacred ritual utilizing humanities thoughts, actions, dances, songs, prayers, rituals and intentions. 
Utilizing the sacredness of our ceremonies songs, dances rituals and prayers we will heal the last 26,000 years of imprinting drama and trauma upon Mother Earth, especially the last 500 years, the past seven generations’ history.  These Medicine Wheel Ceremonies are being set into motion asking all cultures of the Black, White, Yellow and Red Nations to come to the aid of Mother Earth.  Helping and supporting our Mother Earth, families, relatives, and friends of all cultures, including: the plant medicines, trees, animals, birds, whales, dolphins, insects, rivers, springs, lakes, oceans, all plants, mountains, rainforests, moon, stars, sun, the universal rim of our universe, and All of Creation, the Oneness within life upon Mother Earth. 

All nations and cultures have been praying for some sort of miracle that will give hope to humanity. The miracle will be what we make it by setting it into motion using our thoughts to heal the elements and praying for our intentions of a pristine, healthy nature and by the combination of these thoughts and actions with sacred sounds and vibrations, it will become so. Bringing about a worldwide awareness, a global attention to this time of transition in which we are birthing the new world of existence. Mother Earth will hear our call and our prayers will transform Earth into a new world of purity as we move towards 2012 and beyond. 

We are healing the elements and shape shifting them into harmony, utilizing our prayers, songs and dances, known as alchemy.  We are doing this to bless and purify the toxins, poisons and negative actions of humanity within the environment of North, Central and South America.  This is the time known as purification time mentioned in prophecies as we move towards December 21st, 2012. Know we can help in the purifying of the elements when we come together in ceremony utilizing the power of our hearts energy healing Mother Nature.


The time is now to fulfill our hearts desires, bringing forth our unique piece of the puzzle by utilizing our spiritual gifts of awareness in the ceremonies.  We ask for your support in this work gathering the nations of the world for this Eagle and Condor Nations United Medicine Wheel Ceremony.  The prophecies have foretold of this time and that all things, which require healing are here for us as humanity to bless and heal. It is very important that the Spiritual Leaders, men and women and children, all ages, of all cultures to join together as One people to help by healing our differences and thereby natures elements.  

We are called to do this together, all cultures and nations becoming one, not only in the America’s, but worldwide.  In doing so we will heal the energies within the elements of the Earth, Wind, Fire and Water. This Medicine Wheel Ceremony is to be led by the Eagle Nations of North America, the many Bird Nations of Central America and the Condor Nations of South America. We are calling all nations to come together, Black, White, Yellow and Red, to unite as one people of Earth. We are being asked to share our ceremonies, our songs, rituals and dances, including our prayers with the world that they shall remember. That all who participate from around the world, will continue the ceremonies in their lands that the old way of unity with Mother Nature shall once again return upon our precious Mother Earth. 

Sacred Sites are places that give us our life force energy. The United States government promised the Native Americans to hold a trust responsibility to take care of the sacred sites, and all of Nature, to keep it clean and pristine. When we mine and develop these sites we disconnect the energy lines, called ley lines, that hold keep Mother Nature in balance. These energies are made of electrical current that keeps nature alive and working in balance and purity. In addition, the negative vibrations from earth shaking equipment, weapons of mass destruction, along with inventions and devices of technology harm nature.  The negative thoughts and actions by humanity further imprint themselves upon the Web of Life, known as Grandmother Spider’s Web of Life understood by the Native American’s and others around the world, causing Mother Earth and her four elements, Earth, Air, Water and Fire to be de-harmonized.

When Nature is out of harmony, her electromagnetic grids must re-harmonize themselves through earthquakes, fires, floods, tornados, hurricanes, tsunamis and other natural “disasters”.  These disasters are Mother Nature’s way of correcting the energy lines and re-storing her natural vibrational harmony and flow of energy. 

It is us, the humans, of each area that are responsible for keeping these energy lines, Spirit Lines, known as ley lines working in harmony and making sure natures’ elements communicate with each other in Oneness.  We were to treat all beings on Earth as alive and conscious from the rocks to the trees, the water, the wind and the animals and all of creation, for they have a voice.  We were to work in partnership and respect with them, asking permission for any use as you would from a fellow human being.  We were to offer our songs, rituals and dances, our sacred vibrations combined with our love and gratitude giving back to Mother our love.  Giving our love to all of Mother Nature through ceremony.  Moon ceremonies, harvest ceremonies, Medicine Wheel Ceremonies, celebrations of all kinds where we would give our joy, our love of life and gratitude for all things back to the energy grids, the electromagnetic lines, ley lines of the Earth, Air, Water and Fire elements thusly keeping everything clean, pristine and abundant.

This Ceremony will serve as a scrubbing and cleaning of the magnetic imprinting that is causing nature to be out of balance.  Using our ceremonies with our hearts power and our thoughts.  We utilize our prayers to transform the elements combining them with sacred songs, dances and rituals to re-tune the energies in the web of life. Utilizing the sounds and tones of traditional rituals providing sacred vibrations with our musical instruments and through the energy in our feet, bodies, minds and hearts through our dances.  This is done with our powerful heart-centered power, using our intentions to clean, clear and bless the negative energies, purifying creation in all our homelands as we send a message worldwide. 

We need to search and see what happened in the past records held in the environments force fields of energy that were inflicted with drama and trauma, the historical facts of what hurt and imprinted Mother Earth’s sacred sites.  Until we observe it, cleanse, clear and bless it through ceremony, it cannot heal.  It will continue to replay within the electrical magnetic grids, and the Web of Life vibrates dis-harmony.  This hunting and looking into nature is what we call a spiritual hunt in our vision questing for the answers of what took place and what we have to do to heal the four elements.  Looking into the history of what took place in the environment helps us see what we can do to heal it by cleansing it and clearing it though ceremony in prayer, giving love to heal what took place while singing and dancing. Which in turn re-harmonizes the electrical magnetic energy lines, called ley lines that vibrate in harmony with colors of light, giving electrical current, the life force energy to all things. 

There are many spiritual beings and guides sending our spirits, minds, emotions and bodies’ spiritual messages from Mother Nature, the Universal presence and the Holy Beings of Light.  The messages we receive when meditating and during the ceremonies are the instructions about what needs to be healed in the environment through our prayers in the Medicine Wheel Ceremonies.  After we receive the messages, we imprint the message in our prayer offerings.  We then drop these offerings with our prayers and intentions encoded in them into the vortex, either in the center of the crystal alter or into the sacred fire at the center of the Medicine Wheel’s circle. As co-creators when we do this it commands the elements to shape-shift Nature into the vision of our prayers and the environments elements heal.  We can heal all that is and activate the consciousness and awareness for all of humanity to awaken to the truth. Utilizing our powerful gifts of intuition is very important to know what to pray for and to use those gifts to connect in prayer, with our hearts open giving love and willingness to help the world heal and come into peace.
We continuously ask for information through meditation before, during and towards then end of the Medicine Wheel Ceremony.  We gather all the information in the historical record that needs to be cleansed regardless of how large or small the groups are in the ceremonies. We are then amazed with the information that comes forth as we connect to nature in the areas we are working in our meditations. This brings tremendous healing to the sacred sites, the areas within the triangles of the wheel that we are re-tuning with our prayers, utilizing our songs, dances and rituals.  The galactic centers spinning energies of the Universe will bring the power needed to shape shift nature’s elements into purity using the prayers spoken that we gather during these meditations.
The Universe takes our prayers and intentions, our thoughts, combined with our positive emotion and our vibration from music and dance sending this energy package into the Universe’s unified energy force field, which manifests our prayers into existence.  The Universe’s energies now construct and create the matter of our thoughts, which are vibrating from the center of the crystal altar or sacred fire in the center of the Medicine Wheel where we put our created prayers to become. This energy literally shape-shifts the matter into the shape and form called by our prayers and intentions. This is how the ancient traditions of the world utilized their power as co-creators through conducting sacred ceremonies. 
All cultures were given traditions by the Creator to be used to bless all of creation.  We were all to utilize our spiritual power to heal all that is through ceremonies.  Modern day physicist’s know there is scientific evidence to prove that we can shape-shift matter, or the elements within Mother Nature with our thoughts.  In our medicine wheel ceremonies we have prayed for the environments to be cleared of all of the negative energy of the last 500 years of historical drama and trauma. These ceremonies have promoted healings in the environment that many groups consider to be miracles.  This is how powerful the medicine wheel ceremonies are.
Mother Nature’s colors become bright and beautiful through these prayers.  She is happy to speak with you and advise you of what she needs, what you can pray for in order for her to heal. It is important to take the time and look around nature checking on her weather and her emotional body in the landscapes that are around us, doing so gives us the knowing of what to pray for in our ceremonies. It is up to us to make use of this information in our prayers in the ceremony.  
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