Thursday, November 10, 2011

Activating Your DNA in Your Ascension

There are several phases in the activation of your DNA to ascend or to evolve to the next level of Life in this Universe. This process is under your absolute control and manifestation. To accelerate your process you simply need to adjust your thinking and behaviors so that you become in alignment with your heart. Life is energy and over indulging in mental tendencies will dampen your grid attraction forces, in effect putting you into a spiral that will short circuit your ability to create fresh perspectives and tune into the pulse of your Higher Self.

To open the doors in your cells that will awaken your ascension potential you need only implement the following three steps.

 Put your heart first.

Discover life as a willful and enjoyable adventure. While this makes life more fun, it doesn’t mean hide your head in the sand.  On the contrary, taking life on as an adventure is truly being willing to marvel at your own ability to manifest since all of life that you experience is your own manifestation. To modify your adventure you simply need to discern the signals of your own perceptions, behaviors, and actions. This starts with discovering your own will. Live an intentional life and take that steering wheel by creating your intentions and then sticking to them - no matter what.

 Release what is no longer beneficial.

It’s easy to live life in an automatic mode where the present is no different from the past or future. Do you feel no difference between discussing the past or that which is before you in this very moment?  When you resolve to live an intentional life you notice a bubbling energy in the present moment. And when your attention turns to the past that energy is dimmed. Learn to tune into this subtle awareness and you are indeed connecting on a deeper lever with the billions of cells that animate your intentions.
Focus on potential and compassion.

Living a unified life - where all living creatures are united - is the awakening of your DNA in every cell.  Why it may be hard to imagine, that mental limitation does not invalidate the existence that  a unified life is a natural process. It starts with you in your Self by accepting that the supreme BEing of life resides within you. When that resonates with you, then you can begin to see the Truth that all of life is sacred. Then you being to feel,  more and more,  your own divine connection in your mind, body, and spirit. This is the foundation, a fresh compassion,  to have all of life - all forms of life - be successful and vibrant.  This type of expression is better felt within you than dissected in words and dialogue. Feeling the pulse of life within you is not matchable in words, nor does it need that type of justification since your mere feeling .... fills you with Love and Light - compassion.

Learn to discern and trust your feelings as they are the signals that can guide your through your ascension process.

Steu Mann, M.Ed is a Reiki Master and Intuitive Coach.  To schedule a private session call him at 541 210 4375. Receive a free invitation to “Open Your Heart to Your Divinity” teleclass by sending him an email:

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