Monday, October 31, 2011

Coming Home to Lemuria

We live in an era of transformation. It is essential to un-‐derstand what is going on energetically and physically within and upon our planet, as it evolves at this time. Earth is in an ascension process of moving to a higher frequency of con-‐sciousness and existence. So is humankind. More than ever before, there is a need to embrace our ascension and for each of us to awaken to our purpose. Today we have a window of opportunity to heal and grow in wisdom. We have all been asleep for a long time, and this has brought us much pain. But we can now remember...

Lemuria is a civilization which co-‐exists with ours on this planet, and explain the purpose of its inhabitants in relation-‐ ship to us. For a very long time, humankind has not been told the entire truth of who we are and our history. Thus, much of what we think is true about the world and ourselves is not. Our belief systems are based upon untruths. The truth we have received has been received through myths, legends, and fiction (and often good fiction is based upon the truth). Pos-‐sibly this was the only way we could receive the truth. But it is now time to tell the truth directly through the truth.

Are you ready? Can you handle it? Can the world handle it? Truth is, we are not children being controlled by unseen forces. Nor is ascension a process in which the few can control the many. If each of us can discern the truth of our own vibra-‐ tion—not to judge it or shame it, but to accept it and raise it— and if we dissolve the illusion of separation and duality within us as individuals and among us as a race of spiritual beings, we can begin to more clearly see the beauty and common en-‐ergy that runs through everyone and connects us with Earth. The time has come for us to shed our many erroneous beliefs about ourselves, our planet, religions, governments, and the universe that have kept most of our kind trapped in varying degrees of lack and limitation. We alone can do this through connection with our divine essence.

Coming Home to Lemuria is an adventure story about a small group of travelers who made a sacred journey to Mount Shasta in Northern California under the spiritual guidance of a talkative archangel, Michael, and a very wise high priest from Lemuria, Adama. It’s all right with me if you do not be-‐ lieve everything I am about to tell you. I don’t need you to believe me (but please do enjoy the adventure). Some people already know portions of what we learned before and during our adventure, so many readers will know that what is de-‐ scribed is true. Please know there is no need in me to convince you. That would be to try to control you, which I have no need to do. In my heart and from direct experience I know that ev-‐erything in the mind cannot always accept that it is. The mind believes; the heart knows.

I am a latecomer to learning about the Lemurian civili-‐ zation. Individuals, such as Dianne Robbins, Aurelia Louise Jones, and members of different Lemurian and Telos organi-‐ zations throughout the world have dedicated their lives to dis-‐seminating the wisdom of Lemuria. My predecessors, I salute you! I only ask that you kindly allow this newcomer to join you.

Many sacred journeys are taking place worldwide that support the good of humanity and the planet. I acknowledge everyone who does energy work of this kind. It is incredibly significant. I have also participated in sacred trips of this kind over the years. The journey you will read about in these pages may be one of many, but it is also like no other. And it is mine to share because it is the story of a remarkable adventure that I had with a small group of dedicated light workers.

There are many tools, teachings, and messages peppered throughout this book that can further assist both you and me in choosing to shift to a higher form of existence. Please take them and utilize them if it feels right to you. Enjoy the jour-‐ ney.

Phillip Collins co-founder of The Angel News Network, The Modern Day Mystery School and author of “Coming Home To Lemuria, An Ascension Adventure Story,” is a healing arts therapist and Light Ascension Master Teacher who addresses the emotional, mental and physical bodies. His private practice and teachings promote self love and self healing to a higher consciousness reality. Phillip’s background includes journalism and advertising and an extensive TV commercial production career for George Lucas’ Industrial Light & Magic and founder of Fairbanks Films with film directors Ridley & Tony Scott. He is a conscious channel of fifth dimensional frequencies and a minister ordained by Sanctuary of the Beloved Church, Priesthood & Order of Melchizedek. Phillip brings multifaceted skills, talents and gifs into his world service. You can contact the him at or

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