Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Uncover Your Inner Harmony

For a human being with a mind that has been traditionally schooled, there is a need to release certain ingrained patterns that pertain to the mental, emotional, and physical bodies. There is nothing wrong with releasing; having to release has no negative connotation. In fact, being able to successfully release patterns that no longer benefit your lifestyle is a giant step on your spiritual path.
The senses (touch, sight, taste, and smell ) are interpreters. As you step into your world with that basic acceptance you'll begin to see that the fundamental ideas you have about living are based on your past experiences. In other words what we reach cognitively will hinge on the mental, emotional, and physical environment we have lived and experienced. For example, walking along a road with no street lamps at dusk you see a blurry shape lying at the edge of the grass. What is it? Your senses immediately go to work to analyze the data they are receiving while your mental and emotional bodies apply filters to the data you are receiving.

As you step into energetic living, you build your unique awareness because you are tuning into the more subtle aspects of life - aka energy. Today, in the 21st century, even western science has come to realize that living things and nonliving things are filled with energy. True, they have not agreed to what this energy is, but in order for that determination to occur there must be a collaboration of science and religion. All I want to point out here is that there is massive agreement and recognition that the "stuff" or "matter" which comprises all living and nonliving things is energy. The evidence of this is the vibrational nature of atoms and molecules.

Energetic living implies moving forward by creating fresh experiences. There is work required to create this fresh living. Why? Because energetic living is placing more of your awareness on what you are feeling and less attention on past experiences, analyzing data, and activities that rob you of experiential opportunities. This work involves taking the time to get familiar with who you are on the inside.

The first phase of energetic living is becoming aware of how you are feeling. Making that effort to notice your feelings opens many doors. One door is that you are fundamentally building your personal power. This happens because more of your conscious effort is on being aware rather than focused on "doing". Another door is that you now deeper access to releasing what you don't want in your life. For example, if you are in a situation and notice that you are not having good feelings or not feeling harmonious, then you can leave or change the circumstances so that harmonious feeling do arise within you. It's a choice that isn't present when you are in the "doing" mode.

The key in this first phase and the following phases of energetic living: harmony. Maintaining your inner harmony is essential. You will successfully accomplish this 24 hours a day by 1) never doing harm to another living thing, 2) always respecting others, and 3) staying aware of the love you have for yourself. In practicing harmonious living you strengthen your ability of energetic living, which means you being more in touch with your "I AM" presence.

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