Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Simple Strategies To Live More Peacefully

Living a heartful life is not as mysterious as it sounds. First, let's define it. A "heartful life" is your steady effort to allow the heart to lead the mind. You have to realize this this is the opposite trend of our society and every day living. The constraints and systems of normal living patterns require that time must be placed as a priority above all else. We scurry here and scurry there in the name of productivity and to meet expectations laid into the fabric of daily life from a variety of sources.
One beneficial step to effective modify this trend is recognizing the pulse of your Being. Breaking this trend means arriving at the understanding that life doesn't have to be so quick and superficial. It means taking the time and making the effort to notice the pulse of your heart. Very simply, taking some moments each day to slow down and focus on your breathing is an excellent method to reconnect with your heart. There are dozens of books on the market about how to breathe but we all do it naturally.
The key is to remember to remove our attention from the outside - circumstantial activity - and focus it on our inner presence - the pulse of our heart. This is an easy method of starting to cultivate your own inner peace. Do it now. Just stop reading and take a two minutes to feel your chest resonate with your heart beat. Feel the difference in your Being? A side benefit of connecting to your heart is gaining an awareness of your inner strength.. Building your inner strength is the ship that will ride out any storm and keep you safe. Your benefit is this: when you consistently make an effort to connect with the pulse of your Being it becomes easier to bring your attention - your awareness - your focus - to the fountain of inner peace within. This kind of effort is not something to try for a few days or weeks and then stop. It's not something to throw in the trash because no one agrees with you about it or even understands the experiences you are having.
This is your effort that no one can assess but you. Remember, you are not alone in this valuable undertaking. There is a vault of wisdom from Ascended Masters that is available freely on the web. You know it's a resource for you if it resonates with you or puts your heart at ease. It's easy to spot this useful information; as you read it you are sparked inside with an energy or feeling that brings forth feelings of connectedness or satisfaction. I suggest putting the wisdom of the Masters to your assistance right away. We don't have to reinvent the wheel.
The wisdom from the Ancient Masters is alive and present to support our inner peace. Here are two excellent resources:
1. This is a document from Adama, High Priest in Telos, where he discusses and shares specific instructions on how to raise your awareness.
2. This resource was created in November, 2011 by Adama, High Priest in Telos, with a lengthy message about how you can best prepare to live and thrive in these exciting times.
As you discover your heartful living you will grow your ability for natural knowing. The simple act of listening to the pulse of your heart beat is exercising your right to access your inner wisdom. In public schools we are taught that wisdom is accumulating facts, figures, and data.
The natural knowing I am talking about is deeper than empirical knowledge, instead it's connecting to the timeless Being you are now and will always be. As you open up to listening to your inner Self you become attuned to releasing what is no longer working for you while retaining what is necessary in order to move forward and live in the present moment.
Blessings, Steu
Steu Mann
He is an author and Reiki Master. His web site is and offers a free directory of the diverse energetic and spiritual resources in the Mt Shasta area, which can be utilized around the globe. He produces the Shop Local book. Visit to receive a free copy of the Mt Shasta Resource Book.

Steu Mann, M.Ed.
He is an author and Reiki Master. His web site is and offers a free directory of the diverse energetic and spiritual resources in the Mt Shasta area, which can be utilized around the globe. You can connect him about a free Reiki session. Discover Discernment Times Magazine and promote your business in the online marketplace there
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