Sunday, September 25, 2011

One More Night, One More Day

Has everyone noticed that we (humanity) are still here?  That the Earth is still here?  Comet Elenin has passed the perihelion (closest point to the sun).  The Poles did not suddenly shift.  Earthquakes have continued to shake our foundations and redesign the land forms of the planet.  The seas continue to rise in response to volcanic activity deep within the Earth. Traditional foundations we relied upon for safety have changed, and we are learning to trust the universe and each other in order to find true safety.  We have gone through tremendous changes, and changes continue to occur, and the birth process is not yet over.  We survived the darkest period of the 260 day Ninth Wave of Unity Consciousness, moved into a Day of Flowering into Spiritual Consciousness, and are once again facing 18 days of Night energy - a final opportunity in this Ninth Wave of Consciousness for us to  go inward and access what still needs to change as we move towards unity.  As Carl Calleman says in his brilliant article (Cosmic Convergence) "night and day energies relate to one another as inner preparation to outer manifestation."

Night steals in under the magical influence of Chicchan again. This time we are more prepared to participate in the magic.  If we have learned to trust the truth and have learned anything about who we truly are, we know that we are alchemists who are divine co-creators with the universe.  We have learned that our thoughts and our intentions are powerful energies that manifest our reality.

We are entering the 12th Level today, the level of understanding, and only 18 days away from the final level of the Mayan Calendar, the 13th Level of Completion.  It is a Mayan Night, connected with going inward to deeply listen.  Laarkmaa tells us that we must listen to our own hearts to hear universal wisdom and truth.  If we hold on to old paradigms, old beliefs and patterns of behavior, we might miss our window of opportunity.  If we take the time NOW to slow down and listen, and work to understand all that the previous levels have brought us on our path of conscious evolution, we may make a difference in the reality that we are co-creating.  The end of the Mayan Calendar comes on October 28th, 2011, after two more levels (or waves).  Will we be ready?  The Pleiadians taught the Maya "I am another yourself."  We are one.  We are part of all that is.  Are we ready to make the shift from head to heart, from separation to unity?

We, with the Pleiadian Elders and Laarkmaa, will be joining others in deep and quiet listening at this auspicious time.  The Pleiadians ask us to make a choice: choose to go within and listen to the truth in order to move closer to Unity Consciousness.

We are offering two special conversations that show just how interconnected we truly are.
In Special # 5 (Click here for mp3 - look for Special #5) we hear from a magical dragon, a fairy, a special being from Pan's Kingdom, and of course, Laarkmaa, our Pleiadian friends, sharing insights about humanity's evolution and our connection to other kingdoms.

In Special #6 (Click here for mp3 - look for Special #6) Laarkmaa talks about the Pleiadian's gift to humanity: the system called the Mayan Calendar.  Laarkmaa explains that it has never been about time; it is a system of energy.  As we more fully understand that we are energy, we can take responsibility for how we affect everything in the universe.  Has anybody noticed?  We are still here.  And HOW we do things is important!

With love and light,

Rebecca and Cullen

Here is a reminder of the levels where we have been since March and where we are going by the end of October:

1- Awareness; initiation of new beginnings
2- Understanding duality and separation, seeing everything as opposites
3- Creativity; opening to new possibilities
4- Understanding how to make a new foundation based on trust
5- Feeling change and knowing it is necessary for survival
6- Flowing with the changes
7- Recognizing that the veil is an illusion; all kingdoms are here and present
8- Connection and abundance; when we recognize our connection to all there is no need for competition
9- Harmony; learning to find harmony in opposites

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