Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Living an energetic life - three understandings

The Masters through time have related the importance of understanding the world within, "Seek and You Shall Find" and ""Know Thy Self." Yet, it's so easy to become distracted by outer events and circumstances that literally suck the life out of you. In these moments you're left feeling spent, depressed, or exhausted. The key to successful energetic living is protecting your energy from being drained by unenergetic habits, unwanted circumstances, or outside conditions.

Energy is a complex topic but all you need to understand are the basics. We are a vibrational being, made of energy. One aspect of energy is that it appears as light. For example, when looking at the universe in a telescope you'll see red colored stars and blue stars. The color of stars can display their temperature, speed and direction of travel- away from you or towards you. Closer to home, plants are colored green and that tells us they are absorbing sunlight. The world is filled with light - color - and each has different representations. The energy that you are is unique to you. Your energy manifests characteristics in your bodies.

Studying quantum physics you'll learn that matter responds to thoughts and other energy. All matter is made of molecules. All molecules are made of atoms. All atoms are made of positive (protons) and negative (electrons) ions. Masaru Emoto illustrated with his work that water (H2O) crystals respond to different types of energy. For example, different shaped crystals are formed by people projecting different thoughts or emotions, compassion versus anger, towards glasses of water. He also documented that different music tones and even earthquakes will impact the shape water crystals form. Your beingness does impact the circumstances you experience.

As you lead an intentional life you are literally shaping matter. When you are not being conscious of directing your intentions - your personal power drifts aimlessly, it's easy to get caught up in the circumstances of life and then feel "off track" or bored. I consider this the "best effort" of every person: leading an intentional life. This effort, directed from your heart, clearly impacts the matter that you come into contact with. You are designing your experiences instead drifting.
This is why energetic living is based on being experiential. As you create your intentions and monitor your feelings you're fully engaged in the NOW. Living an energetic lifestyle is based on these three principals:

1. Respecting, honoring, and loving myself.

2. Recognizing my vibrational nature and nurturing it.

3. Practicing techniques that promote my personal power.

Steu Mann, M.Ed.
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