Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Light Workers - how to do business

Light workers are often times working two jobs. They hope to leave the "real" job but need their light worker job to create more income first. Let's face it; light workers bring a renewed and refreshing set of services to humanity and our Mother Earth at this critical period. And, they struggle many times to make ends meet financially. This can be cured by assembling a periodic outreach plan that is methodical in approach. No one can promise overnight results but given a steady effort, new clients and customers will manifest. To make a leap from the "real" job requires faith and a tangible marketing effort.

Some people have a real phobia about marketing or outreach. There is a thinking pattern that if they are good enough then people will just show up. While that is a very praise worthy approach, it just doesn't pan out in this three dimensional world. Think about it. The only reason you have your car, or got your home, or have your favorite recipes is because someone shared them with you or put an ad out there that you saw. You must be able to walk past that phobia if you are serious about having your own business and helping people to your full extent.

Most light workers lack the understanding of a quality outreach plan. The first and most crucial step is putting the Law of Attraction to work in your business. That is to say, what you focus your attention upon will manifest. When you focus on all the reasons and logic for why you don't have a thriving business then those will appear. Hence the need for an outreach plan. It will be the details that you can focus your mind upon to manifest beneficial results: positive cash flow, new clients, and new opportunities to build your exposure.

A threefold strategy in your outreach is easy to implement and sustain. There are many ways and actions to take that will help you build you business. A few strategies include the following:

1. Provide a free call on periodic basis to offer your support.
Host a conference call or web meeting on a regular basis to inform folks. It's a way to reach potential clients and to keep connected with current clients. Have a planned agenda for the call. Start with an innovation. Answer 10 common questions and how you can help solve them. Close with a blessing.

2. Educate potential clients and apply what you do to the world.
Set up a free newsletter to highlight what you are providing. You can use email and social media as distribution channels. If you are terrible writing newsletter than hire someone. How many new clients do you need to cover that cost - one or two a month? That is a well spent dollar. You can put a link to your newsletter in the signature of every email you send out, on your blog,.... get the idea?

3. Maximize social networking without a lot of labor.
Find a couple of social networking venues and work 'em. Believe it or not, social networking is here to stay. You will not have to spend hours and hours glued to you computer to be successful here. Simply tie your network to your education efforts for starters. And, you want to build your exposure by connecting with others which is easy to do. Social networking is simply the 21st century method of sharing - it's the water cooler gathering gone global.

Locating and using the help of experts can save you from reinventing the wheel. You don't have to figure out every step of the path to increase your exposure. There are already plenty of good resources and experts you can put to work for you. Here are two of my favorites.

1. Nine Strategies to Grow Your Connections Guide.
This is a free tool that gives you over 150 resources to support your effort in building your exposure. Each strategy has specific components and all the contact information you'll need to check it out.

2. Practice the Law of Attraction.
These are the folks that known around the world for their work with the Law of Attraction. They provide plenty of free tools and resources.

Once you have an outreach plan you have established your foundation. The next step is detailing the "being" and "doing" of your effort - the framework of your light worker business. Having a quality outreach plan isn't just about having more money.

Building your exposure starts in your heart. It's you making an authentic attempt to reach people in need. These are chaotic times right now and people who have been sleeping are waking up. Where will they go? Who can help them? When you make your best effort to connect to the world with your services and product you have made a dharmic move. The synchronicity of your divine essence takes over from there.

Here are the quick tips for building your business today.
A. Begin collecting email addresses from your clients.
B. Design your outreach plan using a minimum of three strategies.
C. Perceive your own success three times today and every day.
May your business flourish and your heart soar.
May you connect with your divinity every day.
May you, your clients, and your associates experience health, wealth, and peace.

Steu Mann, M.Ed.
As an author, educator, and Reiki Master he works to help people understand their divine essence. a Personal Power Home Study course delivered via email. His web site is Personal Power Awareness at []. Use the contact form there to request a free lesson for the Personal Power Awareness Email Course. Start discovering more about your majestic heart and multi dimensional "I AM" Presence today.

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