Wednesday, September 21, 2011

How to use confusion as a opportunity

The old, outdated method or object or thought or behavior still pulls at you. You are the only one who can stand firm in your desire and intention to move forward. No one can do that for you. There is no pill or drug on the market that will do it for you either. Standing in your own conviction is something they don't teach in public or private education, which I think is shameful.

Life is filled with distractions - unending varieties of them. As soon as you put your foot down and say, "I'm done with doing ______ (you fill in the blank)," invariably a multitude of opportunities arise - some more subtle than others - to help you move your foot in the wrong direction. How do you know what the wrong direction is? Your feelings and your level of self confidence hold the answer. When your feelings are not feeding you energy and/or your self confidence is sliding rather than giving you a boost; you're moving in the wrong direction.

It's simple once you know that answer. You and I both agree that one day we will depart this cherished land. What happens next we may differ on, but suffice to say we do agree that our life in this body will not last forever. So what is the point of building your confidence or living a life filled with beneficial feelings? Those two characteristics are the tools cutting a path through the jungle. Without them you meander here and there never really knowing or experiencing where you fit. Making the effort to 1) feel good about yourself - one day at a time - and 2) grow your trust and faith in you will manifest "forever" benefits. They give you unlimited access to the pulse of your heart.
There are two types of folks when it comes to passing over, biting the bullet, or dying. One is happy and at peace. The other is full of despair and upset. By the way, these qualities are most apparent when the person is not under medication. I have had the privilege of being with people when their chosen time has come and it is magnificent. Realizing that your life - the life of each person - is temporary opens a new vista for potential understanding. My experience tells me that the happy, peaceful folks have cultivated their self confidence and are choosing the beneficial feelings in their last moments here. The hearts of these folks are open to receive what is next.

What you reap is what you sow. That simple statement follows you through life to the very end. This is why it's so essential to make the effort to choose and choose again the behaviors and thoughts that give you a boost or that put you back in touch with your heart. After all, isn't the heart the center of all good experiences? Look around your circumstances or situations. Be a scientist and observe - without judging - the events and people. What is common where there is discord? What is common when there is peace and happiness?

This elemental analysis, which is expanding your basic critical thinking skills, is so necessary in life when we are constantly bombarded with misinformation. You know what I mean - tons of media advertising disguised as news, news programs showering us with 5 minute segments of opinions that are supposed to factual news and so forth and so on. You must be able to perform basic comparisons of facts, behaviors, and feelings to see clearly and - more importantly - to know yourself. You are your keeper so enjoy your journey by living wisely

The next time you are in the midst of confusion take a few breaths. Don't forget that you are releasing something that no longer benefits you. Keep your heart open for understanding and to see what is next. Never give up on building your self confidence and growing your beneficial feelings; they are what you'll carry tomorrow - whatever you may be, wherever you may go. The treasures in your heart are endless; they are waiting for you to uncover them.

Steu Mann
He is an author and Reiki Master. His web site is and offers a free directory of the diverse energetic and spiritual resources in the Mt Shasta area, which can be utilized around the globe. He produces the Shop Local book. Visit to receive a free copy of the Mt Shasta Resource Book.

Steu Mann, M.Ed.
He is an author and Reiki Master. His web site is and offers a free directory of the diverse energetic and spiritual resources in the Mt Shasta area, which can be utilized around the globe. You can connect him about a free Reiki session. Discover Discernment Times Magazine and promote your business in the online marketplace there
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