Wednesday, September 21, 2011

How to uncover your majestic confidence

You having confidence in you is essential to moving forward in whatever your goals and dreams might be. I'm not talking about empty boasting here. Plus, I'm not interested in you building your ego either. In fact, genuine self confidence seeks harmony above all other lenses of perception. The self confidence I practice and want you to have is deep and invigorating. It's carried in each of your cells - toe nails to eye brows - and flows from your heart with every beat and breath you take. When you constantly practice the secret I'm about to give you, you are honing your craft of living a satisfying life.

One trait that you and I have in common with millions of other people is acquiring. At one time or another, our individual dreams have included getting that thing or this thing. How many times have your parents or friends described how hard and long they worked to be able to get something - house, car, education, child, or whatever.

My secret encompasses all aspects of life, all realms of who you are mentally, emotionally, and physically. It's easy to practice because there is only one step to it - it's not a long drawn out ordeal or process. Here is the great secret I have for you that will enhance your life and improve your self confidence - practice the art of releasing and letting go.

Yes, this is the opposite of what society trains us to do - acquire. It sounds so simple, yet putting it to work takes vigilance and determination. For example, at work you have feelings of unworthiness - you don't fit in with your assignment or duties, coworkers don't meet up to your expectations or don't understand you. These feelings gnaw at you and seem so real and impossible to get around, over or under. After a while you are literally in a swamp of this "putting up with." To make matters worse your stuff at works starts leaking into your experience at home. What to do?

I suggest taking two actions here. The first one is stop trying to change yourself to fit the expectations of others. This is another way of saying "let go" of your need to change what you are doing or what you are being to please others. You are a divine being and have every right to express yourself as you are, keeping in mind that you never hurt or harm another living thing. You have to take the first step, which is saying to yourself that you accept you as you in this moment. The only reason you are worried about what others think or say about you is that down deep you are still not sure if you are okay. Cast that off, release the notion that you're NOT okay. Let it go right now and every time you have those feelings creep in - let them go.

The second action, which can only be done after you take the first step, is repeating an affirmation three times to yourself with the intention of moving forward. Affirmations are powerful and need to be done for at least 17 seconds to gain the full attention of your multi-dimensional self. Make sure your affirmations state positive benefits. Give them time to work. Remember you have been programming your being with negative feelings for years and years. It will take time for your positive affirmations to sink into your cells and this is perfectly normal. Let go of the idea that everything happens overnight or very quickly. Life doesn't happen at the pace of a drive through restaurant or TV sitcom. Releasing and letting go of negative thoughts and feelings is a powerful alchemy that recharges your self confidence.

Here are some affirmations I use. Have fun discovering your own affirmations that feel comfortable to you. Allow yourself to build and create affirmations that act as doors to transport you to the treasures in your heart and Soul.

My life is an amazing journey of harmony and light.
I call forth my angles to support me now.
In this moment I immediately release my negative feelings.
I accept my divine nature.
It is my divine right to thrive.
I ask that my heart and Soul be filled with peace and joy.
I am open to receiving abundance, grace and peace into my life.
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
I am my divine self in this moment.
I ask that my angels help me release my feelings of unhappiness, anger, frustration, and confusion immediately.
Please help me replace those feelings with inner peace and joy.
I want to understand the nature of my heart and Soul.
Angles help me find the patience and determination to discover the happiness and joy that resides within me.
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
I listen to my heart and enjoy having more peace within me.
I am a successful person.
I am a thriving person.
I am loved and respected.
Abundance, good health, and positive feelings flow into my life from many different sources every day.
Each day I realize more about my divine nature.
I am happy and content with myself and my life.

Steu Mann, M.Ed.
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