Wednesday, September 21, 2011

How to seize your potential

You really don't need "to do" something. However, if you are like me and most others I know who have achieved the savory delight of freely strolling in a new world, then the patterns and habits you've contoured with precision mental expertise will begin to melt. Not the sad sort of melting that happens on a hot afternoon when your ice cream drops on the boiling sidewalk. No, the beneficial melting proceeds almost unnoticed at first while you turn your attention to the rhythm of your Soul.
Hey, in case you have noticed lately, the wonderful playground we are gathered upon is beginning the same kinda turn. Mother Earth is beginning her own ascension process that will rid her of the toxins and dark energies we have posted on her and in her for eons. You're a witness and so I am. Look at the rise in severe weather, volcanic eruptions, and just plain bizarre weather patterns. The time for delaying, persuading, or even debating has evaporated. The results are before your eyes. Are you ready to heed the signals and create your new world?

The signals so clearly visible to many are demonstrating the time is here to analyze your Soul competencies - your ability at accessing your personal power. Perhaps, this may be the simplest effort you ever made. Or, maybe it will require great strength from parts of you that you've simply ignored for far too long. This I'll write in stone, "You can no longer blame another for the journey of your life." And, I'm not asking you to slip back into your precision mental mode and assimilate another ton of judgments about this or that. All I suggest right now is that you honestly answer one question, "How well do I know my Soul?"

Will you allow me to explain how you can measure the success of this endeavor? There is one criteria for the direction of travel in arriving at your answer: the spirit of your heart. When your answer pertains to the quality of "where you feel," "when you listen," and "how you express" then you know you are in the ballgame of communicating with your Soul. It doesn't matter your age or occupation, your location or your religion, your color or your language. When you are connected to the spirit of your heart, you are exercising your personal power and connected to your Soul.

There are loads of distractions and detours you can take when attempting your connection. Have you made some of 'em or perhaps you are stuck in a perpetual cycle that literally sucks the life from your day? How are you feeling about your life lately? A common mistake is using things or stuff to make "heart felt" expressions. You see, the spirit of the heart is a vibration which can be felt but never captured in an object. The world is cluttered with tons and tons of things and stuff. Yet, are there tons and tons of love available today at home, at the bus stop, the grocery store, the office, or even in the halls of religious capitals? I have found speaking love and seeing love are powerful mechanisms that help me release my "stuckness".

Two keys you must remember to take where ever you go: trust and release. Trust yourself that you will find your connection, again and again, as you desire it. Remembering the dance of your Soul is not memorizing a combination. Instead, it's reaching within and synchronizing your awareness with your inner subtle vibrations. The second is releasing your doubts and fears. It takes inner courage and determination to release what is no longer benefiting you. As you continue to claim your Soul connection, your recognition will grow about what is good for you and what is limiting you. Release what holds you back in your intention to achieve sustainable inner harmony - one step at a time. That harmony you build is also another signal because it's informing you that you're indeed listening to the spirit of your heart and the rhythm of your Soul.

Steu Mann, M.Ed.
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