Wednesday, September 21, 2011

How to quiet your mind

My meditation teacher instilled upon me that in order to grow holistically you must make your mind your friend. Looking back over the last 20 years I can clearly see how correct she still is. When your mind is out of control, agitated, or listless you will feel left out in the cold, fearful, separated, or doubtful. When you have tamed your mind through proper techniques to listen to your heart, then you have an invaluable friend and expert.

The natural tendency of an untamed mind is to run rampant in revelations toting differences, inequalities, and so forth. A tamed mind promotes unity, tolerance, and acceptance. The mind is a powerful computer to analyze data. Learning how to discipline it and program it doesn't happen overnight or even in a seminar series. It takes practice, practice, and more practice.

May you have the determination and fortitude to make your mind your friend.

Much of my material for working with your mind is located in the Energetic Lifestyle Practices section. However, there is one method worth describing right now because it's so essential: leading an intentional life. This is done throughout your day and evening activities. It adds fun and keeps you actively engaged in experiential living.

Start your day with specific intentions.

Begin each morning by writing down several intentions about your day. This is more than a "to do" list because your intentions promote your beingness. Your intentions need to talk specifically about your feelings and attitudes. Here are some examples:

- Today I will be kind to everyone and every animal.
- I will uncover a new idea about being abundant and prosperous.
- During my work today I will instantly release anger or frustration.

Throughout your day state specific intentions for specific circumstances.
No matter what you are doing you can create your experience of it by setting forth intentions. Here are some examples:

At the gas station: There will be an empty gas pump when I arrive. I will quickly purchase and pump my gas and then be on my way with no waiting.

Finding a parking space: There will be an empty parking spot very close to the store.

Before a meeting: My ideas will be easily understood by everyone and we will all reach a conclusion that benefits ____________.

Don't get discouraged if you don't see immediate results with your intentions. Just like riding a bike and learning to drive took time, so will formulating your concentration with your intentions. Once you are clear about your intention then stay tuned into your heart and follow the good feelings. Hang in there and continue to develop your intentions for the benefit of all. Be willing to practice the skill of creating your intentions - this is the "right" type of effort for energetic living.

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