Wednesday, September 21, 2011

How to live you "I AM" Presence

Your "I AM" presence only becomes palpable when you shift your attention to your awareness of being. It's difficult - perhaps impossible -to notice the subtle "I AM" presence when focused on "doing". Why? Because the "I AM" presence is that portion of you that is total energy moving at a quicker vibrational rate than the energy we detect with our senses. For example, Reiki practitioners channel energy that can be felt by clients but not seen or physically touched. Yet people I have given Reiki to admit they feel better and some even have had intuitive, insightful experiences during the Reiki session. The energy channeled during Reiki is vibrating faster than the slower, denser energy which makes the physical world visible.

You are connected to your unique "I AM" presence. Whether you realize it or not that connection always exists. "I AM" is based on energy and as you continue moving forward in energetic living you make a more recognizable connection to your "I AM" presence. In that effort you also naturally uncover what needs to be released from your life - physically, emotionally, mentally. New choices will come into view.

Energetic living is listening to your own insights and be guided more by your intuition. This type of lifestyle can take you against the trends of what your family and friends. You might begin feeling uncomfortable around your friends and realize it's time to explore different people. To put it lightly, life can get confusing when friends, activities, and places you have enjoyed suddenly seem dull, dark, or simply unenjoyable. The key you have is your feelings. As you pay attention to them and do what needs to be done to lead a harmonious life you are build an energetic life. May you have the courage to always listen to your heart and let it lead you.

Reiki is an excellent method to accelerate the release process. Reiki is based on energy. All of our bodies: the physical, the emotional, the mental, and the spiritual are made of energy. During the course of life we go through situations where we hang onto thoughts and impressions which literally can become a block in one or more of our bodies. For example, I went through a divorce that traversed swamps of dark emotions and episodes of diverse fears. Those fears and dark emotions showed up as blocks that ended up coloring my thoughts and perceptions for many years.

Releasing energy blocks allows more light into life: energetic living. As I moved forward in my energetic living I uncovered those thoughts and perceptions had been invisible for far too long. The good news is that making the effort to release them does release them. Many needed more than one release and some required repeated releasing. Our current culture tends to nurture us as creatures of habits. Today is the perfect day to become creatures of habit for releasing what no longer moves us forward in energetic living.

Here is a wonderfully fun song I received from one of my teacher that assists me greatly in letting go. For me, the word God simply implies my beloved "I AM" presence.....

I release and I let go, I let the Spirit run my life. And my heart is op-en wide, Yes, I'm only here for God.

No more struggle, no more strife, With my faith I see the light. I am free in the Spirit, Yes, I'm only here for God.

I release and I let go, I let the Spirit run my life. And my heart is op-en wide, Yes, I'm only here for God.

No more struggle, no more strife, With my faith I see the light. I am free in the Spirit, Yes, I'm only here for God. I am free in the Spirit, Yes, I'm only here for God.

Reiki is available to all. Being trained as a Reiki practitioner requires a qualified Reiki Master. You can easily receive a Reiki healing. It's possible to receive Reiki without being physical present with the Reiki practitioner. Energy travels at the direction of our thoughts and will. Reiki Masters are the expertise to send healing energy to individuals and animals wherever they are located. The healing energy of Reiki is universal and available to all when it is beneficial, Reiki cannot be used for dark purposes. Best of all, Reiki is a simple and easy approach to energetic living.

Steu Mann, M.Ed.
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