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How to live using energetics

Energetic living is growing your inner wisdom: your ability to gather your own insights and developing your intuition. This type of lifestyle can take you against the trends of what society or what your family and friends believe. In fact, you might begin feeling uncomfortable in "usual" situations. To put it lightly, life can get confusing when friends, activities, and places you have enjoyed suddenly seem dull, unenjoyable, or even dark. Remember you are a scientist exploring life. Some of the perceptions you have held in stone may crumble to reveal hidden treasures. Are you willing to allow fresh perceptions into your view?

Your "I AM" presence only becomes palpable when you shift your attention to your awareness of "being." It's difficult - perhaps impossible -to notice the subtle beloved "I AM" presence when always focused on "doing." Why? Because your beloved "I AM" presence is that portion of you, which is energy moving at a quicker vibrational rate than the energy we detect with our senses - third dimensional energy.

Reiki is a good example of this energy difference. Reiki practitioners channel energy that can be felt by clients but not seen or physically touched. Yet people I have given Reiki to admit they feel better afterwards. Some even have experienced enhanced intuitive, insightful moments during the Reiki session. The energy channeled during Reiki is vibrating quicker than the slower, denser energy which makes this physical world visible.

When an old brass pot is rusty it looks so ugly. And, when you take some elbow grease with steel wool it's easy to remove the rust and reveal the splendor. The same is true for your supreme connection with your beloved "I AM" presence. After years of ignoring it and focusing on "doing" everything, it's hard to experience the scintillating source of wisdom that's the core of our multi-dimensional being. And, by practicing the energetic living lifestyle practices you can easily recover your sense of the splendor that radiates from your beloved "I AM" presence.

Characteristics of Being

Before Energetic Living
- Life is mentally stimulating
- Analyzing outside events and other people, comparing myself to others, more focused on what others think about me
- There are a lot of reasons for what you like and dislike, you have expectations
- Rare moments of inspiration

After Energetic Living
- Life is full of feeling
- Observing what you're feeling is main focus of awareness
- You spend little or no time judging yourself or others
- You have a general acceptance of circumstances and other people Interacting with nature, people and situations open new perspectives and meaning

Releasing Energetic Blocks

Removing the rust requires releasing and letting go of what is no longer beneficial to you in this moment. During the course of life we go through situations and circumstances where we hang onto thoughts and impressions which literally become a block in one or more of our bodies. For example, I went through a divorce that traversed swamps of dark emotions and episodes of diverse fears. Those fears and dark emotions showed up as blocks that ended up coloring my thoughts and perceptions for many years until I released them. It's acceptable and healthy to realize what holds you back or limits you from experiencing your own divinity.

Opening and expanding the connection with your heart boils down to releasing all the blocks we have, one by one. This is an ongoing process of everyone's spiritual journey and nothing to be ashamed of. Being able to let go of blocks is the path to allowing more light and love into your life. This doesn't mean we need to be overly focused on blocks. When you keep your attention focused on your heart, blocks will naturally be revealed.

There are a number of ways to release a block because they are energy based. I prefer the easy way. I'm not saying that you have to get into months or years of therapy to release blocks. It's very possible to release blocks on your own with focused effort, patience, and a nonjudgmental attitude. The good news is that making the effort to release blocks does release them. You are responsible for what you let go of and what you hang onto. Once you release a block you no longer have to keep those behaviors or thoughts associated with 'em. Learning to "let go" is a potent step in dusting the rust off your personal power.

Life is not a race. Don't be disappointed if blocks don't disappear immediately. Some will require more than one release and others might require constant releasing for a while. One way to support your ability to releasing blocks is using affirmations. Another idea is having regular Reiki sessions or being trained as a Reiki practitioner. Or, regularly read a book with ideas on replacing unenergetic habits with energetic habits. Explore energetic web sites for articles. There are many beneficial energetic habits you can form to support improving your lifestyle.

The nature of life calls us to release what no longer serves us and embrace what will support our personal growth. There are many schools of thought who proposed that physical ailments are based on energy blocks. Personally, I believe this type of thinking. I have not met anyone so far that says they have life all packaged up perfectly. The goal is to always move forward and releasing blocks helps accomplish this. You will find what works for you to release blocks by being open to discovering your feelings.

Have some fun when performing a release. Releasing doesn't mean sorrow or tears. When you release your heart feels lighter and your shoulders stop slumping. One easy method I use is writing, very specifically, on a piece of paper what I want to release. Then I go outside say a prayer and burn the paper. Afterwards I sang the release song that is displayed in the next section.

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