Wednesday, September 21, 2011

How to live "being" instead of living by "doing"

That is to say, experiential living is participating in the moment with you physical, mental, and spiritual bodies while you allow your heart to steer your words and actions. The trouble is our education systems don't teach us about the nature of living experimentally and our culture skips all together the importance of listening to our hearts. The good news is this, more and more higher vibrational energy is flowing into our planet, Mother Earth, since 2002 and this is helping the global transmutation of old and outdated vibrational patterns.

Energetic living is a lifestyle based on being aware. It contrasts sharply with a lifestyle based only on doing or action. For a human being with a mind that has been traditionally schooled, there is a need to release certain ingrained patterns that pertain to the mental and emotional habits we built as individuals. These patters permit our emotions and mental gyrations to steer our experiences and perceptions. The byproduct is that we end up, for the most part, existing in a cocoon of what is familiar, rather than using our natural tendency to explore and extrapolate new ideas and experiences.
We are vibrational beings. As you step into energetic living, you build your unique awareness of "being" by being more aware of the subtle aspects of life - aka energy. Today, in the 21st century, even western science has come to realize that living things and nonliving things are filled with energy. True, they have not agreed as to what this energy is, but in order for that determination to occur there must be a collaboration of science and religion. All I want to point out here is this: massive scientific recognition exists that the "stuff" or "matter" which comprises all living and nonliving things is constantly moving. The next time you look at a table or door or tree, understand that all the atoms making that object are moving - not standing still. This is evidence of the vibrational nature of atoms and molecules, the very stuff that makes us too.

The first phase of energetic living is becoming aware of how you are feeling. Making this effort to notice your feelings opens many doors. The most important door it opens is to an awareness of your heart. Giving your attention to examining your feelings creates a heart connection that can blast your life into a zone of beneficial energetic patterns. With this new connection you can be actively driving your experiences, perceptions, and your direction of travel. The direction of optimum travel in energetic living is harmony.

Energetic living naturally transforms how your interpret life. Instead of being random and chaotic, you experience a more unified presence within you that is centered in the heart. This unified presence and a sense of harmony is the framework of your personal power.

There is more of you than appears with your physical senses. The senses (touch, sight, taste, hearing, and smell) are your interpreters. For the most part, they automatically deliver into your world information calibrated by the experiences you have had, ideas you accept, and environmental factors you have now and have experienced previously. For example, the other day I was at the beach and saw dolphins jumping out of the water just past the surf. A few feet over on the sand were two young children who had no idea what they were seeing. All they observed were shapes and splashing. They had never had an experience of dolphins before that moment. What if there were forms of energy in our environment that we had no knowledge about, hence we don't see or sense them?

Energetic living is being aware of the vibrational nature of life. In this awareness you have new possibilities for what your experiences can extrapolate. In other words, you reach beyond the cognitive framework hinged on the mental, emotional, and physical experiences and agreements you assembled up until now. This requires you to practice the life skill of "releasing" and "embracing." From this point forward you become a scientist in examining your feelings, your situations, and your relationships. You can let go of or keep any feeling, emotion, situation, and person(s) that do bring or don't bring harmony to your life.

As a vibrational being, you understand it's okay to thrive, to improve your experience of living, and explore your sense of personal power. This power isn't embellished by the number of things you accomplish or how busy you are. This power doesn't make you better than anyone else and there is no hierarchy in it. Your personal power is simply your conscious awareness that the starting point for all efforts and experiences is "being" rather than "doing." While it's true that you can do, and do more in life. It's also true that when you recognize your beingness, you can accomplish more while doing less.

Living with your hands on the levels of your personal power enriches every moment.

It's worth noting that our culture has something backwards. This was pointed out to me by one of my recent teachers. In our culture we let the mind lead us to and fro in an effort to find the answers. However, the energetic living method is to know that while the mind always has the questions - the heart always, always has the answers.

Steu Mann, M.Ed.
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