Wednesday, September 21, 2011

How to learn from turmoil

Too often we try to escape uncomfortable feelings by leaping onto the first idea that happens to pass by. To gain the self growth today it's mandatory to take the time you need to walk through your dark moments to see again the light in your heart. We each must embrace what comes toward us instead of resisting it. By embracing whatever is in our path we are led by our heart in the faith that we will grow and expand.

There is no need to escape from something. Sure, if you are in a bad situation then you must make every effort to remove yourself - that is common sense. However, if your spouse tells you to pack your bags and leave - don't resit it - embrace the moment and move forward. Once you can apply this embrace you are headed in the direction of allowing the light in your heart to fully led you. We get into trouble when our mind tries to take the lead away from our heart.

Life styles now are designed by society to be quick, superficial, and paced by the speed of a drive through restaurant. I know how easy it is to get caught up in this maddening pace, where the blare of sarcasm from the sitcoms radiates like true laughter. It's so easy to loose touch with your heart when all your focus in on the external world of reason and circumstances. The most important effort you and I can make each day is to turn within and honor our heart.

This requires that we become okay with standing in our own Truth, without the need for acceptance of approval of another. Then the mystery of who we are and what life is, is replaced with a drive based in faith and an attention span ruled by our heart. On the contrary, in the "normal" world today every aspect of our lives is ruled by the mind, by analysis, by right and wrong. Transforming our life to be led by our heart means taking the time to listen to the pulse within.

How to get started? One good place is accepting that you don't have know everything. This will open the door of not having to latch onto the advice and opinions of others. It's perfectly healthy and natural to take the time to uncover our answers in our own time. It's so easy to become enraptured by the ideas of another person without fully imbibing their essence. The nightly news is a good example of those kinda ideas.

Living connected to your heart means walking your path based on what you feel is best for you. This isn't a license to steal, hurt, or be mean to anyone or yourself. Instead, is a life filled with devotion to you and in turn to every living creature you encounter. Don't be mistaken by false leaders or fake friends. The bottom line is that you have to trust what you feel in your heart.
If you are not used to relying on your inner guidance, it can be a bit testy at first. And, if you ask others about your inner guidance then you will surely end up in a ditch more than once. It's up to you to feel your pulse and guide your actions and thoughts by your own heart. This type of living begins by respecting yourself.

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