Wednesday, September 21, 2011

How To Exercise The Language of Trust

There are many ways to use and even measure verbal language. For example, we can use the spoken word to analyze, interrogate, manipulate, fabricate, and express emotions, thoughts or questions. We can use it to talk to friends, neighbors, teachers, authorities, our self, or even God (who ever that might be). We can use it to learn. Language is helpful in building bridges, or tearing them down across a multitude of circumstances and situations. Language can express our fears, our hope, our love, and our Light.

The language of Trust I am speaking about has these characteristics:
  • it is the inherent connection we have with our Soul
  • its' essence permeates everything we think, do, say, and Be
  • its' vocabulary expands as we open the inner door to our heart
The language of Trust, on the other hand, is not so obvious. It mostly stays cloaked beneath the surface of daily activity. It is also not so automatically available as verbal language. Without an authentic effort on our part, this language never becomes recognized for the true power it gives us to enrich the quality of our experiences. You can easily spot the signs of someone rooted in their Language of Trust. They have light in there eyes, there is happiness on their face, and they are energetic.

Just the same, you can also symptoms of folks missing this all essential language link. This malady appears as lack of contentment, outward signs of being insatiable, or deep rooted behaviors of doubting or negativity.

The language of Trust doesn't rely on outside circumstance to flourish. It is built upon inner faith and inner courage. It blossoms without needing the approval of outside sources or peers. It's a juggernaut of hope and good fortune - even during the dark night of the Soul. No one can take this language away from you and no one can build it for you either. It is timeless and immortal.
The key to awakening your language of Trust is this: walking your talk. The language of Trust begins and grows as you walk your beliefs that reside in your heart. And, these beliefs provide compassion and understanding for all living things. There is no discrimination and no separation in this vocabulary.

Activating your language of Trust means allowing your heart to lead your mind. The Telos civilization is based in just this type of language and so are the many Light Realms that exists in this Universe. Yet, Telos is a very tangible resource since there are some quality books written about it. The Telos series, written by Aurelia Louise Jones and published by Mount Shasta Light Publishing in Mount Shasta, California have excellent material on the language of Trust. In fact the Mount Shasta Light Publishing web site has a significant number of free downloads that discuss the necessities and benefits of this type of language.

Here are my three suggestions for discovering your language of Trust and strengthening it:
1. Visualize. Each morning take 15-30 minutes, by yourself, at a minimum to visualize your day. This means walking though your daily activities and viewing how they will transpire to benefit you. This is a positive attitude exercise. Remember, life is how you believe it to be - so believe it to be prosperous and wonderful. Do this for 45-60 days straight and you see the difference in what you manifest.

2. Satisfaction and Contentment. Society expects us to have an answer for everything but this is not as important as we are led us to believe. Instead, get comfortable with what you do know and have right now - allow contentment to brim from your toes to the top of your head. Be satisfied with life just the way is is this moment. Halt the craving(s), maybe impulsiveness, to think you need this or that. Accept what you have and enjoy what naturally comes to you. Spend less time chasing after what you think you need and more time enjoying this moment.

3. Be the Change. When you live your language of Trust you set forth an energy that touches all who come in contact with you. In whatever you do, say, and Be you send our energy waves around the planet. Now is the time to live your language of Trust and send those infectious rays of Light to every corner of the Universe. Be the change.

When you practice these three points on a day to day basis you have opened the doors to allow the language of Trust to flood your Being. The next step is savoring the subtle fluctuations which can arrive as synchronicity and/or uncovering feelings of joy and happiness for no apparent reason. The language of Trust will enrich your experiences as it creates your Light filled life.

Blessings, Steu
Steu Mann
He is an author and Reiki Master. His web site is and offers a free directory of the diverse energetic and spiritual resources in the Mt Shasta area, which can be utilized around the globe. You can connect him about a free Reiki session. Discover Discernment Times Magazine and promote your business in the online marketplace there create lasting promotional videos to use on your website or mail them prospects, and post them on

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