Wednesday, September 21, 2011

How to develop your intuition

When you are accessing your intuition you are touching your entire being - you are connected to your mind, body and spirit. This holistic connection breeds your inner wisdom that will surprise you more often that you think is possible.

May your inner wisdom always flourish and shower light onto your journey.

Inner wisdom is the best description I have for insights and intuition. It's knowledge that bubbles up within you and is often unexpected. It's not dark or negative. Instead, it throws light onto situations and possibilities. This wisdom can arise in the form of thoughts or from interpretations you make from informational data. I have included three data examples below to illustrate types of information. It's up to you to discover data that feels appropriate to you.

Your intuition requires a firm foundation build on respect, honor, faith, and trust. When you notice you are lacking in the area of insights and intuition - check the pulse of your spiritual body. Ask yourself a few questions and be ready to accept honest answers, which you may not like. Am I being judgmental? Do I need to release some notions or ideas? Am I honoring who I am? Read the material in Energetic Lifestyle Practices for more about faith and trust.

Translating Intuition
Insights, most times, are more than simple logic or cut and dried answers. Many times insights rely upon your interpretation of a circumstance or image. When was the last time you looked into the face of another person and got a distinct feeling or message? By the way, I'm not talking about making predictions here. For example, predicting the ending to your favorite sitcom. Or, predicting this or that about someone you know.

Insights transform your comprehension. It's more than facts, figures, or projected outcomes. To improve your intuitive abilities and be able to access more insights, tune into your heart energy, which is constantly available to you.

Each creature has a unique way to convey a message based on it's lifestyle habits.

Every color has a different vibration and a meaning onto its own energy.

Sacred Geometry
Shapes have unique characteristics which are applied to broader metaphysical ideas.

Exercise: Tuning Into Your Heart
Pink and emerald green are typical colors for the heart chakra. I suggest doing a short and brief meditation to discover what those colors feel like to you. Then you can catalogue those feelings so when you feel them again you have a reference point. Here is a sample prayer to accomplish this short meditation:

My beloved "I AM" presence, I humble ask for ________ (an Ascended Master) and _________ (an Archangel) help me now so that I successfully direct my awareness to my heart and inner wisdom. I ask that my awareness be filled with the glory of my heart. May I be filled with the sensations of the light of my heart chakra now. Thank you so very much for your guidance. And so it is. Namaste.

Now sit quietly with your journal and listen to your feelings and impressions.

Here are a few activity suggestions to accomplish connecting with your heart during your day:

1. Feel your pulse. Actually put your hand on your heart or another pulse point on your body and feel the pulse of your heart.

2. Switch gears. Say aloud a prayer that asks for guidance and support from your angels and/or your guides/teachers.

3. Surrender to divine will. Take a few minutes in a quiet place....
- Notice if you are "driving" a result or are thinking you are in charge.
- Release and let go. Take a few deep breaths.
- Visualize your heat opening up and pink light filling it
- feel yourself surrounded in tender pink light.

Exercise - Tuning Into Your Trust & Faith

Sit in a quiet place, close your eyes, and take a few deep breaths.

Think of a place or a situation or a person where you experienced absolute trust. Now, recall some specific characteristics of that time. What are you feeling in this place, this situation, or with this person? With your connection to this experience firmly in your grasp, notice what you are feeling. Describe three specific qualities of your feelings or sensations.

Gently bring your awareness back to the present moment and open your eyes.

Now you can catalogue those qualities in your "knowledge bank" of what trust/faith feels like. This will help you recognize your own levels of faith and trust n the beginning. After you have had some practice with tuning into yourself, you'll have deeper and deeper experiences of these qualities and notice more pristine sensations. Exploring your inner world and becoming more aware of your multi-dimensional beingness is so much fun!

There is no resting point with your inner wisdom. It's a fountain that keeps flowing. And, there is no drudgery in inner wisdom either. If you find yourself feeling overwhelmed you are pushing too hard. Relax and perform some releasing on the emotions or perceptions tied to that feeling of overwhelm.
Your life is a journey and as each moment unfolds there is an opportunity to learn and enjoy. There is no destination to reach. There is really no time. Your beloved "I AM" presence has absolute patience with you and doesn't harbor judgments about the "how" or "why" of your journey. Everything you assimilate along the way contributes to who you are as a whole, collective being. Enjoying your journey is easier when you stay focused in the NOW!

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