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How to deal with fear - three easy steps

Building your own inner peace is as important as eating a good diet and getting the right exercise. Ads everywhere tell you about necessity of eating a balance diet and enough exercise to reduce your risk of this disease or that one. Have you seen any ads lately to promote good ole peace and quiet? You don't have to buy that from a shelf or get an expensive consultation to achieve it. Unless you forgot how. It's so easy to get caught up in living life by the senses: touching, seeing, hearing, and tasting. It's takes inner strength to accomplish genuine peace and quiet in your heart and Soul because gratifying the senses doesn't make inner peace.

Inner strength is a virtue. It's the opposite of getting carried away with the stimulation of the outside world and that is what the majority of people do. Living by the senses is a superficial life. You are the only person who can create your inner strength. The beauty is that as you obtain it no one can take it from you. It has lasting, beneficial effects that cultivate your awareness in many different areas of your life - who you are at many levels. True inner peace is not dependent on any religious dogma, political system, or your network of friends on Twitter and Facebook. Inner strength is cultivated by growing your awareness of who you are.

Growing this awareness isn't dependent on anything or anybody. The seed to sprout is your authentic desire to be happy with yourself. As odd as that sounds, you'd better take a look and see, are you willing to release your negative thoughts and behaviors to make room for peace and joy? You must move beyond the surface fascination habits and behaviors that is bred by being absorbed in life outside your heart in order to build your awareness.

That fascination can prove to be a bit tricky. Many people get stuck in assuming that discussing opinions and comparing prices is maximizing the power of their brain. In reality, those functions of thinking are not on the scale of accumulating knowledge. For example, there is so much agreement that studying the characteristics of emotions helps understand who you really are. Instead, to really get a handle on you - you have to understand what you are creating; you must imbibe that emotions are your indicators of your "present" moment and not the totality of you.

You are a powerful creator. The trouble is the cultures and traditions we are living are dumbing us down. Instead of living the inherent power that resides in our heart and Souls, we spend our lives driven by reoccurring thoughts from reactions to circumstances. What you feel and experience in this moment and the next moment can be modified by you. The first step, take yourself off the "automatic pilot" mode and take steps to define your inner peace.

Knowledge is the foundation for health, wealth, happiness, and wisdom. Medications and entertainment don't have lasting benefits for your mind, heart, or Soul. Conversely, taking the time and effort to examine your thoughts and emotions, instead of just accepting them as they rise to the surface of your being, is a noble move that builds your fundamental awareness of you.

Each of us has our divine essence that dwells in our heart. How we discover that majestic presence is up to us and is our unique path. Whatever inspires you to get off that "automatic pilot" mode will mostly likely be different than what inspires your neighbors or friends. There is no right or wrong moment to be inspired. You can easily identify someone who is living in their inner peace because they are living a life based on harmony.

When all else fails, put this into play - remember you have a harmonious divine plan in your heart. Disengage your sense filled moment and settle into who you are by searching your heart and Soul.


Everything is



Knowledge is power. I'm not talking about the power that is used to manipulate other people or even circumstances. This power has nothing to do with the enemies of the heart: lust, greed, anger, jealously, or fear. This kinda power is only available when your vision is filled with compatibility, when you are filled with the understanding that you are part of the whole.

As you let go of fear you take back your power. To do this you have to consciously shift your awareness:
- from seeing what is missing, to seeing what is present
- from the feeling of separation, to the feeling of connectedness
- from the understanding that you are alone, to the understanding that you are divine

We all know there are appropriate times to be fearful. At those moments being fearful helps us make the right decisions. I'm not talking about that sort of justified fear. The fear I'm speaking to is the unsubstantiated experiences of fear, anxiety, and depression that rise up based on external circumstances. You know if you are a fearful person or not. My disclaimer is this, always seek qualified medical advice for medical conditions. I'm not offering medical advice here.

Here are my two favorite resources that explain how fear is learned and how it can be overcome.

1. Science Daily
This article discusses research on how fear is learned. It also points out that fear is recorded genetically in the mind.

2. Evolve Your Brain: The Science of Changing Your Mind by Joe Dispenza

This amazing book uses research to point out that fear is leaned. Joe also takes time to explain how, with research, any fear can be unlearned.

When all else fails, instead of being overwhelmed with anxiety or depression, take a few deep breaths. Reaffirm your commitment to discovering a new path in life that leaves you feeling uplifted, happy, and fulfilled. You are a creator, whatever you have the sincere desire to find, it will show up. This doesn't happen overnight, but it does happen with your continued heartfelt effort. Release the ideas that don't fit onto your new path. Keep your eyes and heart open for fresh perspectives and grab hold of them. Make it your mission to uncover what amplifies your inner peace.

May your life be free from fear, anxiety, and depression.

May you allow your desire for joy and satisfaction to spring forth from your heart and Soul.

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