Wednesday, September 21, 2011

How to create your day freshly

Practicing visualization is dependent on your own level of trust and faith that you have nurtured within you. When you are visualizing you are erecting an experience that is 100% created and maintained by your heart. Visualization is not based on logic. I'm talking about visualizations that bring harmony, prosperity, and good health to you and those in your environment. Don't waste time visualizing expressing anger, hate, or revenge.

When you are visualizing you are working with seeing. This means taking hold of your imagination to express what you're thinking or wanting. Use your intentions and goals as a support for what you want to create. And use your journal as a writing tool to fortify your visualizations. Write and see the details of your intentions and know it's fine to modify everything as needed while maintaining as much detail as possible.

When you practice visualizing you can use a meditation type setting or you can do it on the fly. In other words, walking into the grocery store you see long lines at the checkout counters. Immediately, you create an intention of no checkout line when you are done shopping. In your mind you are visualizing walking up to the checkout lane with no customers standing in a line waiting before you. I do this all the time - it works great!

Another example, is securing a new living space. Your goal is to move into a new living area - house, farm, apartment - whatever. Start by use journal time to write or sketch the details of this new place. What are the specs of the front porch, the bedrooms, the kitchen, and the yard? You don't have to get it right, in fact changing the details keeps you being creative and honing your visualizing skills. The important part is that you continue applying your attention to the beneficial details that bring you happiness and a sense of wonder as you realize - again and again - you are creating this from scratch.
Manifesting what you visualize rarely happens overnight. There is a buffer of time and that's out of your control. Keep your heart open and stay away from doubting and fears. Your rudder in this effort are your feelings, so pay close attention to 'em and push off the nagging mind. When you begin focusing more attention on doubts, fears, and logic then you begin to close the door on the potential that your personal power can manifest. Quantum physics proves that individual perceptions impact and shape matter.

The most difficult part of visualizing for some people is the first step: merely allowing the potential to exist. You can easily get around that, not fight it, by focusing on the details of your intentions and generating beneficial feelings. Dream big and dream often. Dreams come in all shapes and sizes! Let go of doubts, fears, and thoughts that limit your imagination.

Visualization Practice Technique

1. Write in your journal with as much detail as possible about what you want to create.

2. You must be able to distinguish between inner feelings of fear/doubt and feelings of relief, peace, and beauty to proceed.

3. Make a time period in your day where you will focus on one or two items, conditions, or situations that you want to create. This visualization time slot should be at the same time every day in the beginning, until you have more confidence in your ability to visualize. Perhaps laying in bed in the morning before you start your day - before your mind kicks into full gear, or at night before you drift off to sleep while your mind is too tired to interrupt you.

4. Take a few minutes to pray to your beloved "I AM" Presence, Archangels or one of your Angels. When you feel a connection with your heart you are ready to proceed. Close your eyes.

5. Recall and create freshly the beneficial details about the condition, situation, or item you want to manifest. See them using your imagination.

6. Keep your attention on those details and create them as vividly as possible. See the colors. Feel the characteristics.

7. After a couple of minutes, stand back and observe what you have created. Notice the good feelings that come to you.

8. In your observations did you see something you overlooked or need to modify? Go ahead and make those changes. There is no rush. You have all the time you need.

9. When you feel complete you are ready to close this period of visualization. Before you open your eyes, thank your Angels and whomever else was supporting you for their help and guidance. Send them a wave of golden light.

During your visualization periods you are living an intentional life and creating your experience. This type of effort is a tool to expand your personal power.

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