Wednesday, September 21, 2011

How to benefit from using visualization

Computers are only a hunk of plastic and electric wires until they are filled with software - programs - that they can run at the click of you mouse. The same is true for your body, my body, and every other body out there. They're just a hunk of carbon molecules until they are filled with a divine essence - an individual program - the beloved "I AM" Presence.

The beloved "I AM" Presence that ignites the molecules of any body. It is always found in the heart. This magnificent organ, the hub of our divine essence, is our connection to our multidimensional awareness. Within our heart we can distinguish between good and bad, satisfaction and discomfort, the negative and the beneficial. It is our only compass in this journey called life.

The majority of people spend their life drifting in a quagmire of experiences. They are comfortable relying on others to determine the scope and nature of their expectations. Their experiences conform to the norm and rarely leave clearly defined but very subtle boundaries. Don't get the wrong idea here, these folks run the gamut from being rich and successful all the way to the homeless and the penniless. I think they are drifting because they never consciously recognize their divine essence within them.

Recognizing your divine essence is a valuable feat. It's the only piece of life you take with you when you depart this journey. For the more fortunate folks, there arises a set of circumstances where the drifting is interrupted. These segments of life hold an incredible opportunity to explore and examine the nature of living. But make no mistake about it, you can stop your drifting whenever you please, there is no need to wait for an interruption. Have you had enough of living an unfulfilling journey?
By fulfilling, I mean moving through your day feeling connected. You are aware of where your answers lie. Sure, you still have some confusing times as you learn to let go of what no longer is beneficial to you. You begin to feel life at a deeper level than ever before which can leave you breathless and exalted for no apparent reason. You're perceptions of life begin to change in overt shapes and in very subtle touches too. This kind of movement is you actively reprogramming your cells to constantly be connected with your divine essence.

As strange as it may be to compare yourself to a computer, many aspects of a "normal" life are very automatic. And, computers are designed to be very automatic. They run the same program the same way every time the program is turned on. Are you like that with your perceptions? Can you easily cite why this is such and such? No one wants to admit they are automatic. After all, we have experiences of love, family, and anger while computers have no feelings or emotions.

We obviously have a range of more potential experiences than a computer. But, unless you have connected to your divine essence within you, your experiences are likely automatically completed. Your life is defined and based upon thinking and believing of what others have told you. Perhaps even your daily understanding is decrypted by the evening news.

Here are some questions you can answer in the privacy of your own space:
- Do I rely on the opinions of others more than I trust my own feelings and thoughts?
- How do I experience the connection to my heart and Soul?
- When am I able to feel excellent about myself for no apparent reason?

You do have you own connection to the divine essence in your heart. It's the power that creates worlds and universes. This is the connection that mystics and saints have talked about for centuries. Relying on someone else to make or describe this connection demonstrates the power of drifting; you have removed your hands from the rudder of your own experiences.

When you are flooded with happiness and light you are connected to your heart and Soul. Make no mistake about this one. You may have lots of good reasons to be frustrated, depressed, or numb but those are due to focusing your attention in the wrong area. Life begins and is created in your heart. When you forget this and allow your life to be driven by circumstances and outside influences then you are traveling down a very bumpy road.

There is a right function and purpose for the mind. It's a beautiful and potent instrument. In order to stop it from overwhelming you it's necessary to guide it with your heart. Consider this, how many people do you know that have everything but still remain unhappy? How many brilliant people do you know that are unable to experience true splendor and inner peace? The evidence of drifting is all around and so it the proof that heart filled living is a powerful rudder.

The challenge is your perceptions. Perceptions are like computer programs; they provide data that takes us one way or another. To stop drifting you have to realize that you do have the power to change what you see. When you read current research about quantum physics this makes more sense. It has been proven that matter is shaped by the perception of the individual seeing it. Check out the movie What the Bleep do We Know to learn more about this quantum physics.

Make a genuine effort to uncover your heart and you will have eternal rewards. Find time in your day or evenings to sit quietly with yourself. Unwind the notions and ideas you have constructed. Explore new possibilities and options. In the course of this simple exercise, over a period of time, you'll have planted seeds within you to attract fresh experiences and resources. Trusting your own spontaneity is a good signal that your heart and mind are opening.

Express your faith in your divinity by verbalizing gratitude. For no apparent reason speak your appreciation to three or four people a day. As you do this without expecting anything in return, you are putting a halt to your drifting. Being thankful is a potent alchemy when it's done from the heart. Gratitude is a simple guide to discovering beneficial feelings. You will unfold fresh realms as you continue this daily practice with sincerity.

Steu Mann, M.Ed.
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