Wednesday, September 21, 2011

How enegetic living works

Energetic living is based on a life of unity. This translates to recognizing unique characteristics while also seeing the connection between all things - living and non-living. This unity awareness has already been obtained by your beloved "I AM" presence and the angelic realm, which is why their energy is vibrating more quickly than our third dimension. In more evolved dimensions there is more light (energy) and less density than here in this third dimension.

There is work required to create this kinda fresh living. As you discover fresh experiences that feel good you are naturally nurturing your spiritual body. Energetic living relies on you developing your will, which no one can do for you. It occurs when you use your intentions to perceive your world, while actively monitoring your progress by observing your feelings. In doing so, you have a greater tendency to expand your sense of directing you life or expanding your personal power. This expansion is a product of you practicing your "beingness" in situational living.

Your spiritual body is your awareness of what you are "being' in the moment with much less attention on past experiences, analyzing data, and activities that rob you of being aware of your holistic nature. Yes, you still have to perform the "doingness" but the point here is that your spiritual body is nurtured as you shift more attention to "being" and less on "doing."

Respect and Honor

Respect and honor are codes of warriors from ancient days. Today they are essential components to moving forward and living your personal power. The practice of being respectful and honoring you is essential to accessing your heart. Volumes can be written about these two subjects. Basically, these two qualities arise in the heart and flower in the spiritual body. When they are left alone in the mental body they lose their tone and juiciness. In the spiritual body they flourish and ignite righteousness.
Everyone can make a list of mistakes they made in life. But, there is no heart in recalling mistakes, only judgment. Calling forth forgiveness - to yourself and others - reduces the web of doubt, fear, and guilt that keeps you stuck on recalling your mistakes. Your spiritual nature rejoices in the expression of forgiveness and that simple act displays honor and respect. Plus, as you forgive you not only let go of mistakes; you also increase the vibration rate of your energy since you're immersed in compassion.
To the degree that you can respect and honor yourself you can respect other people and animals. The level of honor and respect you live and practice will determine the level of faith and trust you can achieve.

Discovering a way in which to honor your self is an amazing process of steps that depends totally on who you are - NOW. For everyone it requires compassion and then looking to understand what feels sacred to you and making that step. At first you may feel uncomfortable and that's okay - you are exploring new ground within you. Keep your heart open and be nonjudgmental of yourself. Perhaps you want to begin by saying a prayer to your heart, lighting some incense or applying some essential oils to your body.

May the treasures within you always be available in your awareness.

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