Thursday, September 22, 2011

Dr. Oz exposes what real women want

If you’re a woman, what do you want? If you’re a man, do you know what women want? Dr. Oz, medical advisor to Oprah and ubiquitous TV gadfly, touched on the big secret recently. On his show, $5 to Look 5 Years Younger, Dr. Oz exposed his intimate knowledge of the modern woman’s psyche.
Guests on the show, Susan and Holly, each admit they spend thousands of dollars per year on beauty creams and products. How much do you spend? Think about it. My reason for asking is not to be nosy, but to suggest, as Dr. Oz does, another alternative.

Dr. Oz and his staff show us the cool home facial – for less than $5. Great idea – thanks!*
But my interest in how much you spend on beauty products, dear modern woman, is to raise your consciousness about how you are affecting your own self-esteem and the planet by your actions.
What else could you be doing with all that money, time and energy – instead of drooling over digitally enhanced 22 year old models and wishing you could turn back the clock?

Who needs your help around the globe, who could use your attention and love – instead of the multi-national corporations who scheme to get you hooked on the next, better-than-last-year’s, crone-defying snake oil?

Poor women and children, that’s who. Men, too, and environmental sustainability programs and animal rights organizations and half-way houses.

Real women want to serve a cause greater than themselves. Real women care about the health and welfare of all creatures and the Earth herself. I call to you – wake up and smell the intense need. Then do something about it with the wealth you’ve been given. For more information on how to join the revolution with the Real Woman Manifesto, click here. Thanks. Let me know your response to this. I always love to hear from you.

* Add 3 teaspoons of fresh carrot juice to 3 egg whites. Whisk together and apply to your face. Let dry for 15 minutes and rinse. Voila! Fresher, healthier, “younger looking” skin.


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