Wednesday, September 21, 2011

10 step program to expereince inner peace

The more you connect with your "I AM" Presence the easier it is to realize the inherent danger those tendencies represent. In the USA we have grown accustomed to having zillions of expectations, including the expectation that nutritious meals are delivered at the pace of a fast food restaurant. This trait of expectations is a major stumbling block to touching the fabric of your "I AM" Presence.

In many ways, we have been trained that resolving our concerns is as convenient as shopping at a box store. Then, we feel intelligent when we shop by chewing on the gobs of information that inform us about nuances of this brand or that one. We are considered "smarter" shoppers when we compare prices per measurement. Don't get me wrong. I am a big fan of critical thinking, however; the thinking skills we compose for shopping are a simple analysis at best. All I'm saying is that we have allowed our lives to be misinformed in so many different ways. In growing your awareness of your "I AM" Presence you cultivate your own information and feelings. This awareness isn't dependent on what the experts say or what your friends and family think or consider is important.

We each have the same characteristics of an "I AM" Presence and we each have our unique path to discovering that divine essence of our self. In other words, we all have the skill to ride a bike or drive a car, but how we arrive at our bike or our car is up to us. Understanding your "I AM" presence comes from within and I'm not talking about your mind either. This isn't a head trip. When you honestly open the door to breathing your "I AM" Presence; you must be already sweeping the dust and cobwebs from your heart.

As you live your "I AM" Presence you strengthen your ability of allowing your heart to provide answers. A traditional life, anywhere on the globe today, has life backwards: the mind always has the answers. Living life from the heart is a new ballgame because you have to go against that global trend. You must put into practice that your mind always has the questions and your heart will always have the answers. To some degree, which expands time, you have reduced your need on "doing" what is comfortable.

- You are able to reach out and test new waters.

- You are no longer satisfied with the status quo.

- You breaking the ritual thinking and automatic behaviors that have locked you up for far too long.

There is much to be said for the ease of living that is bred from the comfort of always doing what is familiar. You look around and notice with great security how you understand all your aspects: your friends and family, your job or schooling, your diet, you hobbies, and so forth and so on. Nothing sticks too much in that Teflon based world. All you have to do is contend with the cycles of your mind - all those thoughts and questions that are quieted and somewhat satisfied by opinions.
Once the wind from your "I AM" Presence starts blowing, those explanations are not so fulfilling.

Have you experienced that gnawing in your inner core that leaves you a tad uneasy? That's your multidimensional self knocking; wanting to awaken you from the slumber - the allurement - of this 3D landscape. We all hear the knocking in different ways and forms. If you are reading this then chances are you have already heard your call. You see, your "I AM" Presence is NOT about the traditional role of God you learned as a child. There is no supreme power separate from you. There's no one else who will pass judgment you. Your journey rests in your very capable hands and Soul.

You are your own Master and this awareness resides in your heart - the beloved "I AM" Presence. Moving forward to explore this majestic world takes inner courage and determination - your own faith and trust. Without faith and trust in yourself your path will quickly be overcome with weeds and debris. Don't wait for friends or family to pat you on the back. Don't expect to hear 'em say that what you're doing or being is correct or even normal.

Once you've made the honorable commitment to walk in the world of your beloved "I AM" Presence life can be confusing, which is okay. I think life is designed to be filled with harmony, unity, and respect for all living things. Here are ten suggestions I have to support your unfolding journey.

1. Use a journal to capture your insights and questions.
2. Discover the power of affirmations.
3. Find harmony and unity in life by reading new ideas and talking to new people.
4. Learn how to release what limits you - the stuff you are most familiar and comfortable with.
5. Look for joy inside of you and nurture that moment - let it consume you.
6. Allow yourself to be surprised by life.
7. Educate yourself and think without relying what everyone else is thinking and seeing.
8. Cherish the quiet moments with yourself.
9. Believe in yourself.
10. When all else fails - trust yourself for no reason.
11. Grow your faith in you without the need for approval from others.

Steu Mann, M.Ed.
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