Sunday, August 2, 2015

21st Century Living - Living An Insightful Life

21st Century Living - Living An Insightful Life
I was doing my laundry this morning, IMHO mundane tasks are a great opportunity to open myself to receiving divine wisdom, and came across three nuggets I want to share. They are focused on quantum living.   As far as I can tell,  people aware of these three points are excelling where others might be struggling or losing momentum.

First, a quick definition on quantum living. Science today, in the West, has evolved to the point of understanding that perceptions influence matter.  In The East, they have been aware of this since the beginning of time - plenty of books out there on that. But for Western science, this is a new news. (article)

For the natural people, like me, that are searching their understanding and looking for more harmonious ways of life ... a gigantic step (leap of faith) is assimilating an understanding that thoughts we think create our life: perceptions, emotions that lead to interpreting situations, relationships ....

From my experience, once you have a handle on that understanding (living in that faith), you begin to adjust to it, life takes some wonderful turns ... and some rude awakenings too.

Back to my Sunday morning contemplation while doing the laundry .....

#1 You can only give to others, what you have about yourself

This point is wisdom because, as you live it, you must imbibe it within you, which in turns cultivates a more insightful way to be - that naturally improves living in harmony with all living creatures.

The most clearly I can see this wisdom is in love. The more I love myself, the more love I have to give others. The Beatles song had it right.

- the patience you have with others (home, work, relationships) is the degree of patience you have with yourself

- the beauty you see in others, is apparent to the degree of the beauty you see in your self - your own life.

This wisdom is only apparent by my conscious effort of applying it.  It's not just something I can think about and understand. I must apply it moment by moment. In terms of self development, personal growth .... whatever term best describes it to you ... this kinda inner work is what brings me an improved, tangible, quality in how I feel and think.

#2 The situations in your life are a result of your habits (thinking, emotions)

In my previous post I included a video by the author of The Science Of Changing Your Mind. He has some great research in his book. Thoughts are powerful because they do create your reality. Back in the 70's my mother brought home the Seth books which opened that door to me. There are several ways to begin to understanding the power of your thoughts. One is mentally and his video/book is an excellent resource for that. Another is by expanding your understanding of your emotions. I think Abraham Hicks is a good one for that venue, see her daily quote here. Third method is more of a body, mind, spirit approach and a study group has accomplished tremendous results for me. There two study courses on the left panel of this blog that I use and recommend.

In order to expand your perceptions and free your self from the bondage of bad habits, you must acquire increasing degrees diligence and self love.

"Learn to keep the door shut, keep out of your mind and out of your world, every element that seeks admittance with no helpful end in view." ~ George Matthew Adams

#3 What you "know" is how you live, see, hear

Unless one has found a great teacher or made some deep inroads into their spiritual awareness, for the most part, one spends their life building definitions to expand what they know.  For example, public education teaches us, not how to do critical thinking, but how to assimilate logical interpretations and memorize facts and figures.

For the majority of people today, the quagmire, that is invisible to them individually and collectively, is their thinking tendencies.

"Here is the most significant thing that we want to say to you. It is not important to us what you believe because what you believe is yours to believe. It IS important to us, what we know to be. We have discovered that by knowing what we know, our life is one of joy, and you've discovered that by knowing what you know, your life is one of misery. We just want to explain to you that there are choices." ~ Abraham Hicks video

Life is not a predetermined road map.  We are the only one of us that can be flexible and spontaneous. Living in an openness, so as opportunities present themselves, we respond, not out of habitual complacency, but with a zest for living where we exercise inner courage, in the present moment, to live harmoniously.

Steu Mann is an entrepreneur and life coach to private people. He has lived and studied the spiritual nature of living for over 20 years with many potent and Masterful Teachers. These posts are designed to be educational in nature, as is this entire web site.

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Thursday, July 30, 2015

Lifestyle: 21st Century Living - Be Present

Lifestyle: 21st Century Living - Be Present
Lately, I have been receiving massive insights and signals that the only clear path forward is being present - focused in this moment.

The notion of 'being present" is counter-culture to my life and much of what I see around me. Geez, just have a conversation with anyone - about anything - and there is very little creation taking place. In my perception, we all just spend so much time explaining this and that. In those kinda conversations I don't feel empowered.

I want my living to be inspired and energetic. Forget the medications and diseases. I want good health and clear vision. In that stream of life there is no one to blame and the only direction is forward. I don't spend time trying to reconfigure the past or change the opinions of another.

Be Present 


"You must first have the knowledge of your power, second the courage to dare: third the faith to do so." ~ Charles Hannel, The Master Key System

Personal Power

This is not about the control or manipulation of others. Your power is derived from your own awareness of you. You cannot fake this and it takes time to develop. No overnight sensations in this arena. More than self brilliance or a shiny well spoken ego, we are speaking about recognition. You recognizing your inherent goodness. This is the rub, you have to give up your feelings of self doubt - unworthiness.

Many people talk about it, but looking in the eyes of another you can feel if they are living their power - living in harmony with others with authentic sincerity.

In this world today, you almost always have to bypass what come out of someone's mouth and feel what they are saying ... the life of intuiting.

Face it, we live in a world dominated by negative information and people. To grasp your power, you have to find some wiggle room in your life to just be with yourself. Forgive yourself. Love yourself. Enjoy yourself. Celebrate this time just as it is.

There are a ton of books and help to guide you in this remarkable process. Most important, you have to be willing to just let go of what doesn't make you feel good. And just the simple process of "letting go" can/will take you down thousands of mental rabbit holes.

To bring your self back, just remember that you are focusing on being in harmony with life and enjoying yourself. Are you willing to take that step every day? I am.

Are you willing to change the way you think? If not, stop reading this cause you are wasting your time.


Being brave is not the courage I am talking about here. Courage, in this process of recognizing your power, is loving and enjoying you.

It's that simple.

In the face of all the negativity we live in from society and opinions of others, are you willing to exercise the inner courage to enjoy you, have fun in your life, love yourself?


To be present, at some point in life you have to exercise your will by choice.  That's making a conscious choice to be such and such or to do this and that. You can read all the books, watch all the videos but no new development will take place, within you, until you have the faith to go forward.

About 30 years ago, I was at a turning point in my life. I was living in a new area, going through a divorce that was really rough, and starting a business. To this day, I remember a dream I had. I was in a cavern, underground cave, having fun hiking. All of a sudden, the path took me to the edge of a ravine. I could not see the bottom, it was pitch black.  The way of returning back the way I had come was long and didn't seem to be an option. I was totally focused on getting across the ravine that was about a city block wide - too far to jump. There was light on the other side of the ravine. But, there was no way to cross ... just a lot of empty space.

A voice seemed to well up inside me, telling me .... walk across. .... have the trust and do it ... no one can make you do this .... one step in front of the other .... just walk across. While the words sound simple, the feelings I was experiencing in the dream were profound. I was also terrified.

Finally, after much consternation, I stepped off the ravine and then took another step. To my amazement, I seemed to be walking on air, or on an invisible bridge. While I was sweating profusely from being nervous, suddenly I began feeling the most joyful waves of peace and confidence rise and subside within me - over and over. I did get to the other side of the ravine - slowly, one step at a time - and when I reached the far side I was experiencing myself/life in new perceptions (impossible to put into words) ... and I almost immediately woke up ... still remembering - living the dream.

For me, that dream points to the level of faith we all need to have about living. I think true faith is always within us - we have to exercise it.  True faith doesn't rely on other people or situations to manifest anything. This true faith determines the quality of our life via our thinking because we steer our faith. Either consciously or unconsciously, our thoughts, driven by our faith (or lack of) create the life we live.

Steu Mann is an entrepreneur and life coach to private people. He has lived and studied the spiritual nature of living for over 20 years with many potent and Masterful Teachers. These posts are designed to be educational in nature, as is this entire web site.

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Monday, July 27, 2015

Currency RV: Iraqi DInar RV - fact or fiction


Much has been said about if the Iraqi Dinar will revalue, but you won't find the answers in MSM, i.e. the evening news or national magazines.

Two facts to consider ....

1. If the Iraqi dinar WILL NOT RV then why does the UST (US Treasury) allow dealers to sell it ... who are in fact licensed by the UST?  For example, Sterling or MS7 Group.  Sure Sterling was shut down about 2 months ago but not for selling Dinar. They were closed because of tax evasion and civil complaint - there is no criminal complaint.

If anyone reading this post can show me a news clip or article in MSM saying, "the selling of Dinar is a fraud and this is why Sterling was closed," I will buy you dinner and drinks.

2. Why did the US Department of State publish a report that said the Iraqi Dinar will indeed RV?  Here is the link ... look on 14th page of PDF under New Currency, Fiscal and Monetary Policies ...

To stay current on the news and weekly calls go to

As of this date the international rates are....

Vietnamese Dong: $2.xx USD to on Dong

Iraqi Dinar: $4.xx USD to one Iraqui Dinar

Rupiah: $1.08 USD to one rupiah

Zimbabwe: (drop six zeros on 100 trillion banknote) thirteen to twenty cents

This post is for educational purposes only. This is not legal advice or financial advice.

Sunday, July 26, 2015

Lifestyle: Quality Living? Reinvention Necessary

personal development
There is so much culture in our life that directly influences the quality of our life - if we let it.  All that culture, most of the time, pre-determining peoples thinking and therefore their perceptions.

Culture is what you and I take for granted. What society in general agree on - or disagrees on.  Is it beneficial or not?  I believe it's all in how you choose to interpret it. Life is energy. What you live is up to you. This culture reaches far beyond politics, religion, and public education.

For example, family is a good piece of culture. On TV, in the movies and sitcoms, you get used to thinking about family in a certain way. What a good parent is. What a bad parent is. The traits of a successful household, and so forth.

Digesting the constant waves of information from MSM (main stream media) and the internet, barely leaves time for one to contemplate their own experiences - free of the society's influences. I think this is why so many people end up being confused and bewildered at just living ... why so many people are medicated in the USA.  

At an individual point of view, most people want to wiggle free and find their happy place. But, instead of finding the sanctuary of true personal freedom - genuine happiness, a more likely settling point is a favorite TV show, a movie, or the comfort of a personal habit.

Genuine happiness does not rely on another or any outside situation or influence. Genuine happiness is a treasure each person gives to them self from their own heart.

I believe that the divine plan is people being happy. In this day and age, to live that simple quality means living in your world first. Caring for yourself first. And, living in harmony with all living creatures.

Contrary to what we have been taught, money is secondary in life. The primary goal must be to understand our self, live in harmony with our self .... love, abundance, and prosperity will naturally follow.

1. Thoughts make perceptions

Thinking makes something so. Thinking creates what you are and who you are ... what comes out of your mouth.  Unfortunately, in today's culture, we automatically believe something because someone else told us that.  To move forward with living life freshly, you must take the time to sort out your thoughts, which means you will unravel your perceptions. This is an uncomfortable process and there is no prescription or recipe for it. Plus, it takes time, unlike driving through the golden arches for a 'healthy' dinner.

The first step, make a commitment to your self each day to watch your thoughts and being sorting them out.  Choose what to think and what to not think. What makes you feel better? Choose more of those thoughts. This effort takes remarkable diligence to maintain ... and then to live ... than it does to talk about it.

2. Habits become invisible

Some habits are easy to see. Like going to the bathroom when you get up from sleeping overnight. Or, taking the dog for a walk at a certain time each day. The real igniter of your freedom, or lack of freedom, are the invisible habits you have. Like, why you believe such and such about so and so. Or, why do you always feel angry at so and so or when such and such happens?

Remember, it is never about the other person or situation. It is always you. If I get angry when Jayne goes out with another man, then the buck falls in my lap to sort that out and come into harmony.  The joy or anger we experience arises within us. Do you have the courage to be your own teacher?

When you come to realize, the source of your experience is within you, then you have made a significant step on your spiritual path. Taking this step is an expression of true wisdom, cultivating understanding within you to improve the quality of your life, while living in harmony with others.

3. Focus on You, let the world unfold as it may

No one else matters. I remember that sometimes, years ago, when I would receive a great insight about my life ... I would want to share it with my wife or friend. They never truly got it. For a while I felt disappointed or made a silent judgment they were not ready for this 'type of living'.  Actually, it was/is unfair for me/you to judge another in any way. The truth is I had a expectation that did not get met. So what. Let it go and move on. No harm done.

All this is to say, don't let other people invalidate your experiences. If you have an expectation that doesn't get met, are you going to let it invalidate your experience? If so, it's a sign that you rely on others for agreement to believe in yourself. IMHO, there is not much happiness in that exchange.

There is a tangible nectar in trusting your own experiences that no one can give you or take away from you. That kinda living is a different world than the homogenized culture that is so prevalent today.

Your inner courage, developed over time by cultivating your inner wisdom, sustains you.

Gone are the days of having to run around to tell everyone, to explain your life,  so they will agree with what you are living. To live fully in this present time, you must focus in the present moment, which can only be accomplished by honoring your experiences. This honor takes place when you are connected with your heart to recognize that everyone has their perfect place - everything is as it should be.  You are not here to save anyone. In fact, you cannot save anyone. The best effort you can BE is living the wisdom you have found - continue to find - while you live in harmony with others.

Steu Mann is an entrepreneur and life coach to private people. He has lived and studied the spiritual nature of living for over 20 years with many potent and Masterful Teachers. These posts are designed to be educational in nature, as is this entire web site.

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