Monday, February 2, 2015

Step Inside Today

Not really possible to disconnect from
All That Is 
which exists within you.

The trick is learning to see
your perceptions
because they always
tell you what you hear.

A formidable task:
unwinding your thoughts
to identify how you
perceive the world.

Living your emotions
from one to the next,
is like skipping rocks
on the water surface.

You dont have a clue
how the rocks will skip or if they will at all.

Arrest your perceptions and notions,
navigating to silence within.

Love is


Saturday, January 31, 2015

The Authentic Gift

Invariable I return
to remember that only what I have
is what I am able to share.

Smitten with the allure of
outside circumstances that provocatively
encompasses my forthright attention.

A myriad of distractions,
seemingly so neccessary,
arguably full of importance,
dazzlingly tantalizing.

Some times I am left literally
in an experience of being empty,
dizzy, or feeling lost.

There is a numbness that overtakes me,
I cannot explain or seem to stop.

on a sunny walk,
in the silence of night,
amid a gust of wind,
catching a wave of singing birds,
or taking the capitulating scent of fresh flowers

I feel that familiar echo,
pointing me back,

My inner state.

I rejoice in me.
I love me.
I am content.

Right now,  All That Is.

The authentic gift
for me or for you
is rejoicing in love of contentment.

That I recognize love
is that I can live and share love with you.