Thursday, May 14, 2015


Love's resounding and compounding

The nature of Love,
is that it never stands still
sometimes to my dismay.

Love morphs at an astronomical rate,
which I have learned in my adventures
with you and yours.

Deeply in my pulsing heart,
Your treasure is nestled.
More enriching then a a soothing fire on a winter's night.

Even when you switched gears,
... just remembering your presence can bring me to tears.

I continue to comprehend,
... Love supremely plants treasures in my Soul.

A collage that fortifies my wisdom,
long after the sparkling presences spread distances.

In my mind with you,
I have spent time
reciprocating and retreating,
.... all so suffocating to the energy of living today.

While our chemistry has dissolved,
I am fond of the treasures you are now.
United, our hearts share a specific synchronicity,
naturally resounding to countless
universes and constellations.

The nature of Love,
is that it never stands still.

Thank you.

Joyful Living By Interpeting Signals

Exploring the noble Truth.

Without swimming in
objective currents.

Each feeling a substantial obelisk,
Guiding but never telling.

I soar without reason,
not tethered by compelling explanation.

The gnawing waves encompass me,
A billion cells singing the glory
of resplendent tailings.

Surreptitiously I am exchanged,
towards the only sprawling abyss
delivering copious contentment.

I pray it will satisfy my ravenous thirst.

The Holy are sending sacred tones.
Scintillating and imperceptible to sensory customs.

Steadfast, I AM, soaking unequivocally
in the Knowing - there is no other.